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Believe it or not, after a brief pause due to the epidemic, 71% of Americans I am planning a trip in 2022. A visit to Costa Rica is gaining popularity because northerners love to be in the sun in winter. Today it is one of the best-known secrets of avid vacationers.

Here’s what you need to know about your visit to Costa Rica.

lots of work to do

Costa Rica is a part of Central America bordering Nicaragua and Panama. Between December and June, the temperature is around 77 degrees. It rarely gets colder than 70 degrees or warmer than 81 degrees during the day.

If you’re the adventurous type, you don’t need to worry about finding things to do in Costa Rica. There are many parks with stunning waterfalls, heavenly beaches and wildlife to explore.

If you like hiking, swimming or biking, Costa Rica will be your element. Surfing, white water rafting, and Costa Rica ziplining are all popular ways to stay in shape while enjoying the scenery.

Of course, some people enjoy more. relaxing vacation, and there are enough in the area. Costa Rica’s beaches boast fine white sand and corals visible from afar. Spend a lazy day reading a book on a beach chair and enjoying the spectacular views of a kaleidoscope sunset.

Costa Rica’s national cuisine includes many tamales, chicken and sweets. There are also plenty of gift shops to poke around during your visit.

place to stay

One of the most popular places to stay when visiting Costa Rica is the Beach Villas. If you’re traveling with a large crew or just want to disperse, we offer 8+ bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. Everyone has plenty of privacy, but still enjoys socializing.

Many have yoga rooms, TV lounges and private pools. Accommodation in Costa Rica is designed to provide relaxation and water fun in paradise. An infinity pool, private walkway and oversized ceiling fans help keep you cool and comfortable at home. Some rooms also come with a smart TV, Wi-Fi and free beach accessories.

If you’re considering a Costa Rica vacation, you won’t want to miss out on world-class accommodation. you can see beach villa here.

get there

Costa Rica has two major national airports. Flights are reasonable and accessible from most major cities such as New York, Dallas, and Miami.

Upon arrival in Costa Rica, you can rent a car or call the resort to request a transfer service. An air-conditioned shuttle bus is also popular. When you arrive, you can call ahead to make sure your room is full of your favorite drinks.

Visit Costa Rica

If you’re looking for sun, beach and adventure, then Costa Rica should be your next vacation. The scenery and activities are unlike any other.

Don’t stop being smart about your leisure and lifestyle now. For more advice, read the rest of our blog today.

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