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We haven’t had a storm bake since then, but the baking was a real treat during lockdown. While investing in an airfryer recently, I discovered that there are baking options to try. Blueberry Muffin Recipe Introduced in New A Collection of Story Bake Books by Reshmi Bennett Maybe a perfect first try!

Xavier and His Magical Blueberry Muffins is the first in a collection of interactive books from the founders of Anges de Sucre. Written to encourage a love of baking and reading, kids will love it. Story Bake Book Collection.

Story Bake Book Collection

“Xavier liked to dream,

He liked to dream and bake.

Xavier didn’t like anything anymore.

than dreaming of a cake.”

Reshmi Bennett is the owner of Anges de Sucre and the star of Bake Off: Professionals. She created the Story Bake collection of children’s books to help encourage toddlers and young children in both reading and baking. A rhyme book for children aged 2-6 will appeal to the next generation of bakers!

The first book in the series of Xavier and His Magical Blueberry Muffins is available as a free PDF download and in print (£7.99).

Creation of Xavier and his Magical Blueberry Muffins

Reshmi was inspired to create the Story Bake book collection for her son, Xavier. When she realized that her son liked to read bedtime stories, she felt that the stories weren’t interactive enough. Xavier wanted to know more about what his mom was doing, so he started making the Story Bake series.

Pink Wafer Cake Anges de Sucre
Image courtesy of the Anges de Sucre Facebook page

I can see why you want to share your love of baking when making awesome cakes like the one pictured above!

Reshmi also said that the book actually encouraged her son Xavier to start eating blueberries again. So, if you are picky eaters, this is a good storybook to read!

Easy Baked Blueberry Muffin Recipe

If you’re curious about the delicious blueberry muffin recipes in the book, you can check them out below!

Blueberry Muffin Recipe Story Bake Book

Where can I download the book?

Anges de Sucre is building a website dedicated to Story Bake. The first book in the collection can be pre-ordered here or downloaded directly here.

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