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France today returns to their Women’s Six Nations action, which builds on their recent overall victory over Ireland.

Les Bleus humiliated Italy in the first round. Two late attempts and bonus points led them to a 39-6 victory.

And the French will face Ireland more confidently, knowing they lost to Wales in their first match against Ireland.

However, Ireland were ahead of halftime, so they will hope to be able to steal in this encounter despite missing a lead last time.

  • Start Time: 2:15 PM
  • TV Channel: BBC Two Northern Ireland
  • Free Live Stream: BBC iPlayer
  • France: Emily Bullard; Siriel Barnet, Mael Philopon, Gabriel Bernier, Melisand Lawrence; Caroline Drouin, Laure Sansus; Coco Lindelof, Lor Tuye, Clara Joeu, Madusu Paul, Audrey Forani, Axel Bertumieu, Gael Herme (Captain), Roman Menazer.
    substitute: Celia Domain, Annaelle Deshayes, Assia Khalfaoui, Celine Ferer, Julie Annery, Alexandra Chambon, Jessy Tremouliere, Chloe Jacquet.
  • Ireland: Emer Considine; Amy-Lee Murphy Crowe, Yves Higgins, Stacy Flood, and Lucy Mulhol; Nicole Cronin, Aoibheann Reilly; Linda Zhugang, Neve Jones, Katie Odwire, Nicola Friday (Captain), Sam Monaghan, Dorothy Wall, Ethel McMahon, Brittany Hogan.
    substitute: Emma Huang, Chloe Pearce, Christie Haney, Anna McGann, Hannah O’Connor, Catherine Dane, Enya Breen, Babein Parsons
  • France 26-0 Ireland

    It’s a tough game for the Irish this second half.

    They need to get their hands on more balls and try to get behind France and score a few points.

    The first 15 minutes will be key. After a few successful attempts, Ireland will be able to resume play.

    It could be a very long 40 minutes for Ireland if France start the first half from the front and can make more attempts.

  • France 26-0 Ireland

    You can see Greg McWilliams focused on what he didn’t do well against Wales last weekend.

    They try to thwart Lucky and stand firm on the French drive in Scrum, but this is a team that can try all over the pitch.

    How different the game could have been if the visitors hadn’t interrupted their opponents in the build-up play of Eve Higgins’ attempt.

  • HT: France 26-0 Ireland

    Visitors were overwhelmed by the French in every area of ​​the stadium within 40 minutes of opening.

    Ireland is making too many mistakes that have affected the hands of France.

  • France 26-0 Ireland

    40+2. France looked set to continue the game even though it was delayed by 40 minutes.

    Madoussou Fall demonstrates her qualities with each tackle, rushing forward with the Irish players still attached to her.

    Ireland regains possession and continues the ball with a fantastic run from Amee-Leigh Murphy Crowe.

    The visitors are awarded a penalty kick and the corner kick is kicked.

  • France 26-0 Ireland

    39. Whenever Ireland tries to do something on French territory, they seem to make the simple mistake of returning ownership to the host.

    Based on the first 40 minutes, Les Bleus looks unstoppable, so Ireland’s second half could be very long.

    They are here trying to score at will.

  • France 26-0 Ireland

    38. French Seals give bonus points before halftime is over.

    Drouin missed another chance to switch.

    The wind seems to be causing some problems for the kicker today.

  • Tried – Clara Joyeux (France)

  • France 21-0 Ireland

    37. TMO is being asked to check whether France has scored again.

    Ireland did their best to catch the player.

    Looks like this will be given in the replay.

  • France 21-0 Ireland

    35. Ireland is currently causing some trouble for France.

    Gabrielle Vernier’s huge hit at Mulhall.

    Ireland got the ball back, but it was equally easy to regain possession.

  • France 21-0 Ireland

    33. Ireland breaks through the center again and tries to turn defense into offense.

    Play is stopped, but the referee brings it back to penalize the visitor.

    The Irish player was lifted from the build-up.

  • France 21-0 Ireland

    31. If you look at the replay, you can see that Audrey Forlani dropped the ball to the ground.

    Caroline Drouin sends conversions throughout the post.

    France seems to be rampant.

  • Tried – Audrey Forlani (France)

  • France 16-0 Ireland

    30. France is within inches of the Irish Tri-Line.

    Visitors are doing their best to keep the French out.

    TMO is looking for potential French initiatives.

  • France 16-0 Ireland

    28. France steals the ball from the Irish lineout.

    The ball is kicked wide and seemingly handling the early ball, but the Irish player knocked on the ball.

    Commit for France in Scrum.

  • France 16-0 Ireland

    26. Ireland have lost their last 5 away matches and today is going to be a tough day at the office.

    France sense that there are more points here before the break.

    Ireland is struggling to contain Les Bleus.

  • France 16-0 Ireland

    24. If anyone deserved to cross the line for France, it was Laure Sansus. She was great from the first minute of this game.

    She builds a dummy to go to the right, then moves to the left to find the corner herself.

    Drouin marks the conversion throughout the post, apologizing for the narrator’s curse that appears to have been inflicted upon him.

  • Try – Laure Sansus (France)

  • France 11-0 Ireland

    22. Amee-Leigh Murphy Crowe’s fantastic tackle prevents another French attempt.

    The French have scrum within reach of Ireland’s tri-line.

    They appear to be driving towards the line, but Scrum has collapsed.

  • France 11-0 Ireland

    20. Ireland’s 20th minute was a tough opening.

    They initiate contact to relieve pressure on themselves.

    France dominates their lineout and the ball goes straight back to Ireland.

  • France 11-0 Ireland

    18. With Ireland shaking up the French market, they decide to aim for points.

    It could have been worse for McWilliams.

    Caroline Drouin kicks the post easily.

  • Penalty – Caroline Drouin (France)

  • France 8-0 Ireland

    17. Sansus is currently pulling the line for France.

    When they try to open the visitor, the referee pulls it back for a French penalty.

    French find posts.

  • France 9-0 Ireland

    15. We stop playing while the medics treat the wound.

    Play resumes with scrum and France begins with a put-in.

    They are trying to drive Ireland on their own line.

  • France 8-0 Ireland

    15. Ireland must withstand this French storm.

    An unauthorized attempt by a visitor seems to have instigated the host.

    Les Bleus wants to post more scores as soon as possible.

  • France 8-0 Ireland

    13. Great play from France that stretches the Irish backline.

    That freed Llorens from the wing, but she still had a lot of work to do to score.

    She took the Irish player’s challenge and took the ball over the line.

    Drouin hits the post with a transition and plays again.

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