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Two televisions, the first is defective and the second is also defective. The function disappears from the sound settings and the image defect is duplicated after replacement. Disappointing quality for such a high price.

I bought the tcl 55inch from costco and it comes with a 5 year extended warranty, which is a huge bonus. The sound is also very good. The woofer integrated at the rear has an all-black front edge, giving the impression of no edging/bezel at all. For the price, I don’t think the 8 could be better. Works well with major movies, Netflix and YouTube. Casting on other devices can be volatile. Sometimes websites and sometimes YouTube play video content, it may not play content transferred from your phone or computer. The remote control is poorly made and feels very cheap. I have a detachable chromecast connected to my TV, so I don’t really care about this.

My room was pretty bright so I didn’t want to go for the OLED. Not disappointed. It contrasts really well with the black and it’s really hard to tell the difference from the OLED. The operating system is great, but a bit slow and has a few small bugs here and there. I got rid of the old soundbar because the sound was perfect for my room. I gained 65 inches at 860 pounds.

This was my first trip to android os tv. I like the idea and for the most part everything went well with the os. The pictures were fine, but there was a bit of a reddish side, and the sound was ok, but not as good as the actual soundbar. Unfortunately, no TV channels were downloaded at all. Despite several attempts, I was only able to get about half of the terrestrial channels, and no satellite channels at all, despite the professional replacement and mounting of the dish and lnb. His meter showed 100% reception and all channels available. I’m sorry, but I’ll return it and buy an LG.

Hope this helps. Be aware that the TV is not what it advertised. The TV is advertised as having a 100hz base panel, a base 60hz and no hdmi 2.1. If you’re thinking of buying this for a new generation game, this was a huge disappointment. New generation consoles don’t output more than 60hz. Even if you connect a gaming laptop, you can change the refresh rate, the max is 60hz. Obviously the TVs sold in Spain are what we’re after a native 100hz panel and come with hdmi 2.

TCL 55c826k Mini Led Gaming Tv 55

The TV has good picture and sound. Android tv is available but you need to update from tcl to google tv ASAP.

Fantastic gaming tv picture 10/10 and sound is a fantastic 10/10 but very disappointing in google os there is hdmi 2.1 on all ports and firecube to classify the slow os. 120hz is a must for every gamer. .

Seems good for the price paid.

This TV does more than a racehorse. The preset display is not good. It’s not that bad, but it’s not great either.

Activate the additional contract that the mini panel allows and you have premium LCD screen quality. However, this entails significant power consumption. You can feel the heat close to the screen. The screen itself is very weak, so be careful. The built-in sound is better than average. Finally, the biggest issue is Android TV and the hardware it runs on. Let’s say it’s not the most responsive. All in all it’s a solid TV but in retrospect I’d probably buy a cheaper simple TV or one more expensive oled, but not this midrange TV.

Here are the specifications for: TCL 55c826k Mini Led Gaming TV 55 Inch Qled Smart TV:

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  • Mini LED Technology: Unique backlight technology provides uncompromising contrast, brightness and uniformity for stunning displays in any environment.
  • Multi-format HDR: HDR10, HDR HLG, HDR10+, HDR, Dolby Vision 4100 Picture Performance Index, HDR Extreme, 1000 nits.
  • 100Hz Motion Clarity: With the native 100Hz display, you can enjoy fast sports transmissions and action movies without flickering or jittering, and play without interruptions.
  • Game Master: Automatically experience the most fluid action, lowest latency, and best image settings for gaming.
  • ONKYO 2.1 Sound 50W with Dolby Atmos: The forward-looking ONKYO soundbar for clarity and subwoofer for deep bass brings a more intense Dolby Atmos experience to your home.
  • Smart TV, Android 9, HbbTV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, DAZN, Rakuten TV, IMAX Enhanced.
  • Works with Google Assistant language control, Alexa, and integrated camera.
  • Integrierter triple tuner (DVB-T2/S2/C), WLAN, Bluetooth, DLNA, USB, CI+.

TCL 55c826k Mini Led Gaming Tv 55

Buyer Reviews:

  • hit and miss
  • Sorry but I have to return it
  • C65826K

TCL 55c826k Mini Led Gaming Tv 55

TCL 55c826k Mini Led Gaming Tv 55

TCL 55c826k Mini Led Gaming Tv 55

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