Mon. May 16th, 2022

Tennessee lawmakers are seeking to cover up the complete abortion ban as an amendment to HB 2779, a bill that includes some nonsense about abortion providers, the state medical board and “informed consent”.

We couldn’t even find the full text of the amendment on the Tennessee Legislature’s website (which says there are no amendments to the bill), so you can see how seriously anti-abortion legislators are taking “democracy” seriously. ۔ This screenshot Here We have the best.

The amendment uses Texas SB8-style enforcement procedures to address the “difficult” issue of the Constitution, including abortion providers, pregnant women seeking abortion and everyone who assists them. A reward of up to 10,000 has been set.

Of Exceptions only Imminent death or “irreversible disorder of any major physical activity” – except for their mental health in particular.

Oh, and there’s a whole lot about “transition,” which means legislators are expecting some parts of the bill to be struck down by the courts (though, the Sixth Circuit? Supreme Court?). And want to make sure they keep as much of it as possible.

Legal status aside, the bill would hurt the people of Tennessee, as a local medical provider can verify it. And a disproportionate number of them will be black and brown pregnant people, as all abortions are prohibited.

Tennessee lawmakers have already made it clear that they do not care about any of this, especially considering that any member of the rapist’s family is a victim of rape for abortion. Can use the law to prosecute.

We will say this. Fuck it

And why stop there? Tennessee lawmakers are also considering HB 2314, which will establish the “personality” of the fetus and further establish a criminal system for pregnant women.

The bill will now go to the full health committee for discussion, scheduled for Wednesday.

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