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I bought this watch with XXL display for my almost 95year-old mother, who often no longer knows what day we have. The clock is radio controlled, the date display must be set manually. At our place of residence in the Taunus it took about 15 minutes to receive the time signal. But since we also experienced this with other radio-controlled watches, I do not attribute this to this watch. Until now, she has done her duty without any worship. That’s why I make a clear purchase recommendation.

Got the wall clock for my mother (80 + +): 1) German text and German date, especially German weekday (The question “What day do we have today? “comes several times a day) 2) Really large text (The eyes are not so good anymore) 3) Summer/winter time works by itself (If there is no wheel to turn it, then it can not) Batteries I have to change. Runs now, after 18 months, but still with the first set, without problems. That the buttons are on the back and they don’t get pointless on it, dust wiping and stuff, is also helpful. She’s very satisfied. If my mother is satisfied, then I am happy, that is, 5 stars.

I bought this watch because I always have difficulties with the day of the week and/or date. My family has already expressed the worst fears about my health. This is over now. For me this watch is very easy to read, there is no annoying ticking and I no longer have to work with time changes. Besides, she looks good. All in all, a gain for me, my apartment and my peace of mind: -)

A gift for an older lady so she can keep track of date and time. Highly visible size even at 2 meters away. Clear structure in time/day/date. Black numbers/letters on grey background. The day of the week is advertised. The display is mirrored, but everything is readable. Comfortable design thanks to rounded corners On the back there are: – the battery compartment, 4 batteries each 1.5 V AA are required, they are not included – the stand, it locks – a hole for hanging – the buttons of the operating menu. The enclosed operating instructions are understandable and works if you follow the specified steps exactly. Insert the batteries and wait, then the radio clock will set itself within a few minutes. I did that. Manual programming is also possible. It’s in the instructions, I haven’t tried it. I think it’s a very good product at a reasonable price — a good price/performance ratio. If it also proves endurance and lasts a long time, it’s top. I’ll report.

As a replacement for a larger but disturbing ticking analog clock, this DCF77 radio clock has a (at least with full batteries) very contrasting large display of time hd/min and smaller sec. and large and clearly legible German day of the week and date in derutscher order e.g. & #34; 22. 2/2018 & #34; digit height Hrd/min ca 6 cm, Sec. approx. 1.5 cm weekday and date approx. 3 cm. Operation e.g. for the alarm clock (alarm) is carried out with large buttons on the back. The supplied model shows the time in 24 hours mode, so that the & #34; AM & #34; in the product image in the top left corner from 8pm

TFA Dostmann Tfa Dostmann 60 –

The watch fulfills its purpose excellently. As a radio controlled clock with large display and weekday display for the price not to be top. In addition, “Made in Germany” Very well processed. Works impeccably. My 93-year-old mother-in-law copes with it very well in the retirement home. Had previously ordered a China product at twice the price, which was already defective and immediately returned.

Just the right device for people who cannot immediately assign the day of the week to the displayed date. For seniors who are no longer in the work process a great help. The display is also clearly recognizable at some distance, the radio signal was received immediately and there is also a wake-up device.

The watch works perfectly and there is basically nothing negative about the product, except that I find that over 30 euros for a perfectly normal watch that only shows the date, time and day of the week is very expensive. What’s nice is that the ad is really big, so I was able to give it to my grandmother and she can read it well and clearly

What to say. Batteries in, wait a minute and the clock goes. Price/performance is also right and is just top. Watch is very easy to read and there is all the information on it you need. Also, the service and fulfilment of Amazon is very positive at this point. Continue so

My mother-in-law (95 years) wished for this watch. It is by no means dement, but it gets confused with the days. Now she has all the data ready at a glance. The size is impressive at first, but it is quite reasonable.

Ordered for an elderly gentleman who is suffering confusion due to a personal loss. He also has a daily calendar on paper – he can look at the clock to see what day it is and see in the calendar which events (visits, services, etc.) are pending. I would have wished for such a watch for an elderly lady who has now died. The watch requires 4 AAA batteries, so it is a power guzzler. The batteries are not included.

The watch is very easy to read, even from oblique angles. That was important to me. The font size is pleasant, and finally there is a wall clock that does not display temperature and shows the German date in the correct order. Great, I recommend. Update 05.12.19: devaluation to 2 stars. Reason: The watch has been set to a completely wrong date/day of the week when syncing repeatedly. However, the time is right. Apparently, the principle does not apply here: I can synchronize everything or nothing correctly, but the clock also displays incomplete/incorrectly synchronized values. What is a clock worth showing the wrong data?!

Simple clear function, recommended for elderly with mild dementia, if you have to take tablets or even for scattered younger ones. It was the most beautiful Christmas present for my 83 year old mother. A huge dial to the second with weekday display in German. The price I find somewhat high compared to similar models. The whole thing works with radio clock accuracy, is easy to put into operation, turns off by itself after about 5 minutes.Here are the specifications for the TFA Dostmann Tfa Dostmann 60:

  • With ausgeschriebenem day in 7 languages
  • Complete Radio Controlled Clock with Date
  • Particularly clear arrangement for easy zeitorientierung
  • Clock with Alarm and 2
  • Ideal for home, office, the reception, waiting room or exit

TFA Dostmann Tfa Dostmann 60 –

I ordered the watch for my 84-year-old mother. She wanted a watch that was easy to read because her eyes no longer wanted it that way. Disadvantage no.1 not illuminated in the dark Disadvantage no.2 not easy to read in general knowledge Light ratio of the watch. Conclusion: If went back, something better would be ordered

Great clock for the kitchen. We are all completely healthy and have no health restrictions.We chose the watch because we like not only the time but also the date to do it. We find that the day of the week is displayed with extra class again. Our son likes it too, as he always knows what day and date we have to look at his timetable now. We are very satisfied and happy with the choice and would always buy and recommend them again and again. We chose silver as it fits well with kitchen facilities. We like to give 5 stars!!!

Half a year in use, super fine clock, is used in my wife’s elementary school class. Beautiful large and clear display even in a lot of light, readable from the back, automatically adjusts itself very accurately. Highly recommended for this price!

I bought this watch for my mother as it is very useful for her to always have the day of the week and the date at hand. The clock is clearly visible, especially with regard to the hour and minute characters. Synchronization with the time signal is always stable, you can place it anywhere as it is equipped with a support and hole to hang it on a wall hook, the display is easily readable even on a height of 2-3 meters. It works with four AA batteries, I also tested, positively, with rechargeable ones.

This scoreboard was bought by me for my 87 year-old mother, who can no longer leave the house and thus loses orientation in space and time. The large display, very clear and reduced to the important, helps her to orientate herself considerably during the week and in the day. This is important, also because of the drug intake. Insert the battery and maintain it. The next day the ad had updated automatically. Mother is thrilled.

I received the watch as an inexpensive return in an impeccable new condition. Four batteries inserted and the clock searches for the DCF77 signal. This may take a while and does not work anywhere in the house. The proximity to computers and televisions should be avoied. But this applies to all & #34; radio controlled clocks & #34; with internal antenna. The only real disadvantage lies in the highly reflective display glass. Depending on the incidence of light, the watch is sometimes barely readable. With the integrated folding stand, you can align the clock on the table better than on the wall. 4 stars and a purchase recommendation for it.

TFA Dostmann Tfa Dostmann 60 –

I got this beautiful wall clock delivered today. A really noble design even if it is made of plastic. Easy to handle even if you don’t have an instruction manual. The price is not necessarily the cheapest, but you have quality which is more important to me personally than cheap goods which is immediately broken again

As a watch for older people with lost memory and notion of time is unbeatable for the day, the time but I miss a visible backlight even at night when you wake up. Large letters and good contrast. I also miss changing numbers by letters and that you can put May instead of 5 of the month in order to be more readable by older people. I hope they do another version as I indicated and it would already be milk if I said from time to time “Today is day 5 May 2018 and are XX:XX hours” for older people

We gave the watch as a gift for Christmas, so the return period expired. At first we thought it was inexpensive batteries, despite Duracell, the watch only works for 3 weeks with one set. Now we should send the watch, at our expense, to the manufacturer for warranty check, a “no go”. We will still ship it.

I bought the watch for my mother because she always has problems which day of the week is and this watch shows everything very well and big. As soon as the kinship was there, the next orders were followed. Commissioning is very simple. Just wait a few minutes with the radio signal or put it at the window. The hanging should be designed in such a way that you can look at it with about 1 meter distance. Closer to the side or from the bottom, unfortunately, you can no longer see everything from the display. That’s why only 4 points. Otherwise, I can only recommend the product.

Overall, the watch is very good for seniors with its clear and understandable display. It is therefore recommended. I subtracted a star in the rating because, unfortunately, an essential aspect is not implemented, discreet night lighting that can also be used to read the clock at night. However, during the day it fulfils its purpose completely. Addendum to why I am asked about the “heat output” in addition to the price-performance ratio and packaging in the rating is not in the least important way to me.

I bought it for an elderly person who has poor visibility and perfect. It can be put in Spanish, which is a common doubt (I had it myself before the purchase).

TFA Dostmann Tfa Dostmann 60 –

93rd birthday gift for mum in supervised living She still has watch time under control, and appointments through her calendar – but often no longer knows WHAT DAY and DATE in the same schedule each day. With this large calendar set up on her desk, she just needs to look at it and feels more secure, no longer having to call me and ask me. Radio sets the date, time, etc. itself, and no difficult settings are required. Purchased in January 2020, selected because German company, which seemed trustworthy, so far everything was perfect. Other similar items are much more expensive not radio controlled clock, and appeared quite difficult at setting and sometimes quite negative editions about problems. So far I can wholeheartedly recommend this article, and hope it won’t cause any problems for the next few years (except battery replacement).

Very great watch that does what it should. Bought for my company. Insert the battery and after a few seconds the watch has displayed everything correctly (radio clock). We cannot use a wristwatch or annoying electronic devices in a direct work environment. The clock is now hanging in the next room and we can see it through a window from about 10m away. Great thing!

I get there fast and it works fine. Setting up the language was easy for me, and in Gipuzkoa if he gets the signal from Frankfurt so he sets the time on the solo and gives me the assurance that he wasn’t late. I use it as a wall clock in the kitchen, for an elderly person, especially who knows what day of the week it is. It shows the full name, without abbreviations and easy to read, it helps a lot.

The display and contrast are too weak and unfortunately not improved or corrective. The day and date can only be read unambiguous from a distance, due to the spacing of the characters and the line display that takes getting used to. In only slightly weaker lighting conditions, the contrast is no longer sufficient. The background of the LCD display is too dark. The technology seems somewhat outdated when compared to modern displays of e-book readers. There’s catching up.

The first clock introduced itself within a 1/2 year 7x at night by one hour. The replacement delivery was introduced after about one month at night at 40 minutes. The company TFA Dostmann suggested to hang the watch somewhere else or change it to manually. For 20 years my radio clocks were hanging in the same place and there was never an arbitrary presentation of the time. In addition, the background view of the 2nd clock, the lower display was darker. At the 1st clock, the background for the clock and date display was like from a display.

Batteries in, nail in the wall, hang the clock on it – you’re done! Just under 30 euros for such a radio clock is still okay for me. I would not only buy them again, I have already bought them a second time: in the second time, however, in black, since now all the others should cost more than 30 euros.

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