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Tried several USB extenders even though the power supply didn’t work out of the box. All others had limitations or problems. Seriously, buy this first. Used with polycom Eagle eye iv 1080p camera without power and works perfectly for cat 6>50′ and above.

A very good solution to extend the length of your USB cable, suitable for keyboards, mice and USB cameras, V. 2.0.

This product was purchased to install a Ptz camera in the back of our church sanctuary. Since the USB connection is limited to 16 feet, the extender was important if you wanted to use the camera away from your desk. I bought this device because it has a separate power source and doesn’t depend solely on the power of the computer. I was pleasantly surprised that it worked perfectly even without power. I used a 100′ Ethernet cable to connect the two parts of the extender together. I am very satisfied with this product and recommend it to anyone who needs to extend their USB connection.

Application of this product: Purchased to extend our USB video/audio camera in a church to place the camera near the pulpit in front and the PC at the sound/control station at the back of the sanctuary. We extended the camera under the floor of the crawl space for a distance of 75 feet. The extender works perfectly and there are no issues with the camera connection.

Tried 3 other USB extenders, one that draws power from USB and one that powers the hub. This works with Ethernet cables. The mine is over 30 feet tall and is stable and reliable. I have a printer/scanner quite far from my desktop and it connects transparently using the included 3ft USB cable.

Connected to a 30 meter cat6 and the 720p/1080p webcam worked perfectly with USB 2.0 and Windows 10 64bit without using the included power adapter (110-240v).

Works on runs of cat5 over 50 feet. Consistent USB connectivity for more than 5 weeks without interruption.

I used this for a long audio interface connection from my MacBook to my Boehringer x-air18 mixer. I used a 30ft ethernet cable. This worked great, no issues, no special installation software.

The cable is critical USB over Ethernet extender supporting 480mbps Usb 2.0.

Cable Problems 202059-BLK USB Network Adapter

The cable is critical USB over Ethernet extender supporting 480mbps Usb 2.0.

The cable is USB via Ethernet Extender:

Features and Specifications

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  • Extend your USB connection with the Cable Matters USB over Cat6 extender. The USB Ethernet Extender provides a 480Mbps USB 2.0 connection over a Category 6 Ethernet cable, allowing for the longest possible USB extension cable lengths.
  • Push the limits of USB 2.0 with a USB Ethernet extender. The USB 2.0 Ethernet Extension Adapter is a high quality Cat6 Ethernet cable, supporting cable lengths up to 150 feet.
  • The longest USB extension cables outperform active USB extension cables and powered USB extension cables, providing superior distance capability.
  • The USB over Ethernet extender has a power port on the receiver end to provide standard USB power to the receiving device. An additional power boost ensures compatibility with high power USB 2.0 devices.
  • Ethernet-to-USB extension cables are ideal for extending the length of keyboards, mice, printers, VR base stations, telescope data cables, monitoring systems, webcams and other USB peripherals.

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