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Anagha Srikanth

The six-bill package was passed before the decision, which is expected to be overturned. Cry Offers reservations for both abortion patients and providers.

We have been sweating for the last few weeks as we await the inevitable decision. Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health OrganizationWe are focusing on the reasons for optimism about the future of access to abortion. So, for the attention of the state this week, we are maintaining the precedent set by the state of New York.

Last week, Gov. Kathy Hochl passed a number of legislation to protect access to abortion, including a bill to study the “unmet needs” of pregnant women in the state.

“Reproductive rights are human rights, and today we are signing historic legislation to give them more protection and to all those who want to access them in New York State,” Hochhol said in a statement. Hochhel said in a statement.

Sounds great, right?

That’s it – mostly. The rest of the bill raises concerns about New York abortion providers, pregnant women, and anyone who helps them, especially from outside the state. The fact that these actions are necessary, however, is a serious reminder that no one is safe.

Conservative legislators are stepping up efforts to ban interstate travel for care, and the bill is a direct response to the risks to abortion providers and pregnant women.

With the coming reversal of Ro v. WadeNew York is preparing to become a major destination for access to abortion in the East as nearby states (Aheim, Ohio) move to limit reproductive health care.

And as more and more states ban unconstitutional abortions, those who Can do Travel has fewer options and is forced to travel hundreds of miles in states like New York that promise their safety.

The Supreme Court’s anti-abortion majority (aka #FedSocSix) will not protect abortion as a human right. Sending abortions back to the states would mean that each state, including the blue, would become a new legal battleground.

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