Tue. May 17th, 2022

When the news came that the draft of reversing the opinion of the Supreme Court was leaked Ro v. Wade Breaking up last Tuesday, protesters gathered across the country to express their opposition – including in Louisiana. A day later, state legislators, ignoring the shouts, moved a bill that, if passed, would criminalize abortion as murder.

Last Wednesday, Louisiana HB 813 walked out of the Legislative Committee and was sent to the entire House for debate, “despite at least one lawmaker voting in favor of recognizing the bill as unconstitutional.” Daily advertiser Reported

Because fuck the constitution, right?

The bill establishes the “personality” of the fetus and criminalizes all abortions as murder “regardless of the opinion and rulings of the United States Supreme Court. Ro v. Wade

Because, apparently, even the greatest court on earth is in hell!

The Louisiana HB813 abortion ban is not “just”. This is a complete revocation of the rights of pregnant women and criminalization of the consequences of pregnancy. Everything from abortion care to IVF will be affected – and pregnant women will. no Say it in any of them.

As it stands, the bill is no exception: not for rape, adultery, or the life of a pregnant person, no matter how old they are. But Louisiana lawmakers have already made it clear they don’t care about their youth, having introduced HB 989 earlier this year, which further complicates the judicial bypass process. The period is required to expire after ten days even if it is approved.

Oh, and people of color? Black women? Those who make up 42% of Louisiana’s population and 72% of those who have an abortion? They also have nothing to say in this matter.

With GOP-controlled legislature and anti-abortion Democratic governor John Bell Edwards, little is known to prevent the bill from turning Louisiana into a surveillance state where pregnant women have fewer rights than fetuses. ۔

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