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Last night PoliticsK. Josh Gerstein and Alexander Ward leaked a proposed draft opinion. Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization Which reverses both. cotton wool And HowOn the heels of congressional Republicans preparing to take the Texas abortion ban across the country.

Yes, you read that right. Here is the moment we are warning about.

PoliticsReporting of leaked draft of Supreme Court opinion which completely reverses. Ro v. Wade And Planned Parenthood vs. Casey– Written by Final Civil Rights Troll Samuel Elito and confirmed on Tuesday morning at 1 p.m. Statement by Chief Justice John Roberts– Take my breath away.

Conservative judges were deadly serious when they gave advice during oral arguments. Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Back in December, he was open to completely rewriting the jurisprudence of abortion rights. We must take them to their word, even if that word is, for the moment, a leaked draft opinion.

Roe has fallen in Texas, and this is just the beginning.

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But there is more. Republicans are already making plans based on the opinion of this leaked draft.

How do I know that? For starters, as The Washington Post As reported this week, while friendly states want to raise concerns about abortion as much as they can, anti-abortion advocacy groups and their congressional allies are meeting behind the scenes to demand that Texas abortions be stopped. A strategy could be devised to impose a complete ban on the country.

Supreme Court allows Texas SB8 to take effect in September and expects major victory in Mississippi 15-week abortion ban case Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s HealthSome Senate Republicans are reportedly seeking to pass a bill that would ban abortion nationwide as soon as fetal cardiovascular activity is detected, which could last up to six weeks.

We need to believe Republicans when they say that if they take power in 2024, a nationwide ban on abortion will be a top priority. ), And prepare for the real possibility that the 2024 presidential battle will be about abortion.

Conservatives like to present their plans, and this nationwide ban on abortion – harming the rights of states – is one of their top priorities.

In fact, the conservative propaganda machine is already grinding at this strategy. Last week The Wall Street Journal Published an opt-in that explicitly called for the court to be overturned. cotton wool In an article entitled “Abortion and the Supreme Court” in the Mississippi case JournalThe editorial board really goes for it: “This is the moment for judges to return this issue to the voters.”

Here’s the key bit:

It is better for the court to drop the abortion code and return the matter to the states. There will be a political upheaval, but then voters will decide on abortion policy through elections. عدالت In Dobbs, the court may say that such a deep moral question should be decided by the people, not the newly elected judges.

One of the mainstays of anti-election propaganda is its reversal. cotton wool Only “abortion will send the states back” and that would be the end of it, as suggested by the journal’s editorial board. But in less than a week, conservative activists predicting their plans for a nationwide ban have proved to be a lie that completely removes abortion from states.

When the court issues its decision, we will see a lot of this kind of nonsense from the conservatives. Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health And the result is faster. Believe me I will call him every time.

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