Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

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Anagha Srikanth

Democratic government Tony Evers tried to convene a special session to overturn the law, to no avail.

Good morning to all but GOP legislators in Wisconsin who have stopped the Democratic government trying to bring Tony Avers’ badger state into the 21st century. It’s watching you, Wisconsin.

Last week, Evers issued an executive order calling for a special session to repeal 1849 state law criminalizing abortion with no exceptions to rape or adultery. was not.

Evers Tweeted. “We can’t and won’t go back.”

The GOP-controlled legislature vowed to close the session without taking any action, with Republican Senate Majority Leader Devin Limahio announcing, “We will withdraw from another biased political special session call by this biased governor.” “

Although Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Cole has said he will not enforce the old law that was passed before women had the right to vote, there are some more recent abortion laws that could potentially go to court. We will see our day once the decision of the Supreme Court is reversed. Ro v. Wade.

Fighting between the Democratic executive and the Republican legislature is likely to continue well through the Wisconsin gubernatorial election in November, putting the future of abortion access in the state at stake. Of course, conservatives have been working for years to deprive the Wisconsinites of all their constitutional rights – including the right to vote.

For now, blocked by strict law Ro v. Wade The rest is up to the books – the risk of already limited access to abortion and reproductive care in Wisconsin.

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