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Albuquerque has part of the larger shopping areas, as well as many small local businesses selling art and accessories that you can only find here. From stunning Native American pottery to breaking bed t-shirts, Albuquerque has you covered with unique gifts and treats. Shopping malls like Cottonwood and Coronado will look familiar to most American shoppers, and Old Town, Downtown and other parts of the local business will send you home with treasures that you can fix in Albuquerque alone.

Camera and dark room

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If you’re visiting New Mexico, photography is likely to play a big part in this holiday season. Nob Hill is home to locally owned cameras and darkroom film and digital photography equipment. Camera & Dark Room Stock 35mm to 4×5 Film, Lighting Equipment, Dark Room Supplies, Digital Camera Batteries, Filters, Memory Cards, Bags, Back Drops, Used Gear, and – Surprise – Camera. Movies, you may ask? Many fine art photographers travel to New Mexico to capture its beauty on large format film cameras.

Recommended for Best shopping Because: As local camera shops become more rare, Camera and Darkroom provide equipment and advice for both film and digital photography.

Steve’s expert advice: Great place to get some photography advice in New Mexico.

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Lily Barracks

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Lily Berk, the daughter of an engineer and artist, is always surrounded by art. He studied for a degree in Studio Art at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. After many years of painting, she has turned her talents into jewelry creation. Lilly’s world tour has had a cultural impact on Africa. Its designs are geometric and simple but full of expression and power. Because the pieces are handmade, only a limited number of them are made, which makes each piece unique. Now living in the southwest, she designs from a small studio where Indian Silver Meth works as her craftsman. Using sterling silver, 14kt gold and untreated natural stones, she creates stunning original works of art.

Steve’s expert advice: Lily Barracks is popular with locals in Albuquerque and creates beautiful pieces of silver, a coveted southwestern shape.

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Weims Art Gallery

This gallery specializes in contemporary works on paper, including photography, paintings, and mixed media. Both established and emerging artists are represented, and exhibitions change frequently. Past exhibits include works by Tom Waldron, Louis Bourgeois, Gabby Brand, Robert Park Harrison, Thomas Barrow, Susan Capriel, and Stuart Arendt.

Steve’s expert advice: There are two places for Weims – in Old Town and also in Montgomery, near Louisiana.

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Mariuposa Gallery

Famous promoter of modern New Mexican fine art since 1974. Unique works include fiber arts, jewelry, pottery, and sculptural glass.

Steve’s expert advice: Jewelry is really worth seeing – very unique and modern.

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Richard Levy Gallery

This gallery specializes in contemporary works on paper, including photography, paintings, and mixed media. Both established and emerging artists are represented, and exhibitions change frequently. Past exhibits include works by Tom Waldron, Louis Bourgeois, Gabby Brand, Robert Park Harrison, Thomas Barrow, Susan Capriel, and Stuart Arendt.

Steve’s expert adviceIt is difficult to pinpoint the number of artistically placed numbers falling on the roof of this hip building. The gallery closes in mid-December until the new year, so complete your purchase soon!

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Palms Trading Company

Photo courtesy of Palms Trading Company

Standard Native American art store that buys directly from artists. The Palms Trading Company was started around 1933 as a grocery store. It is a local meeting place and ultimately a trading company that specializes in Native American Indian art. It is a local landmark and a true New Mexican treasure.

Steve’s expert advice: All pottery is always half what the tag says. Visit here for incredible original jewelry, local musical instruments, sand paintings and CDs of local artists.

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Skip Maisel's Indian Jewerly.

Photo courtesy of Steve Larris

Located in downtown, this historic store buys pottery, jewelry, sculptures and paintings directly from local American artists, so you know the work is authentic and the artists are getting a fair price for their work. Retail prices are the best prices in the state for this level of high quality art. The staff is very knowledgeable about the artists and the work, and is quick to explain the different quality levels available in different price ranges. For example, cast pottery differs from handmade pottery, and prices vary accordingly. You can also find Native American jewelers working in the shop via SkipMessel.

Recommended for Best shopping Because: This historic Albuquerque business buys authentic art directly from local American artisans, making it a great bargain for both artists and end buyers.

Steve’s expert adviceLook at the hand-painted walls at the store entrance. They were created by well-known Native American artists, including Publita Worldlarde.

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Knob Hill Shopping District

To the east of the city, this section of historic Route 66 is home to local boutique shops and restaurants. Entertainment and hip clothing stores, jewelry and art galleries, retro toy stores, vintage clothing, upscale specialty stores and modern stores (tattoos, body pairing) make Nob Hill a popular shopping area and meeting place for locals. Are There are also a variety of restaurants, many of which have sidewalk patios, so you can shop all day in this unique and historic area. The original 1940s Nobel Hill Business Center includes the famous Scully Restaurant at the intersection of Carlisle and Central, a natural food collaboration and other great stores and salons.

Recommended for Best shopping Because: Nob Hill is a historic part of Route 66, which today is filled with plenty of local entertainment and restaurants and retro neon.

Steve’s expert advice: Check out the website for year-round events, such as the Holiday Shop and the December Walk.

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ABQ Up Town

Photo courtesy ABQUptown

ABQ Uptown is a state-of-the-art outdoor shopping mall that creates a day of shopping for designer clothes, jewelry, accessories and even pet boutique items. Jos in the store front. A. Bank Clothiers, BCBG – MAC Cosmetics, Albuquerque, Coldwater Creek, Ann Taylor, LOFT, White House. Black Market, Lucky Brand, Anthropology, Nestl ٹ Toolhouse, Pottery Barn, Baby, Bravo! Cucina Italiana, YoYo Bliss and Apple Store.

Recommended for Best shopping BecauseABQ Uptown is a sophisticated outdoor shopping area with a great mix of shops and restaurants.

Steve’s expert advice: During hot weather, take children to play in the outdoor splash fountain. Be sure to change a towel and clothes.

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Old Town Shopping District

Photo courtesy of Albuquerque Old Town

This historic heart of Albuquerque is now a place to explore local shops and restaurants. The area was founded in 1706, and today, there are numerous shops around the grassy plaza and gazebo, or rows of winding streets just off the main square. These stores were home to 200 to 300 years ago, and many are originally made from Adobe. Items range from T-shirts to fine art and antiques, including antique Native American jewelry and pottery. A must visit Old Town for any Albuquerque shopping tour.

Recommended for Best shopping BecauseOld Town is the heart and soul of Albuquerque, and its unique local shops reflect that.

Steve’s expert adviceMany weekend public events, shows and performances throughout the year also make the Old Town a cultural destination. The Albuquerque Museum and the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science are within walking distance.

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