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with modern hair transplantGet the most natural results without the complications and tedious recovery time associated with traditional procedures.

Precision and consistency

One of the most striking features of modern robotics is the automatic high-definition stereoscopic vision system. Simply put, this built-in program allows the robot to identify each hair transplant and select only those suitable for extraction and transplantation.

The program’s design is meant to reduce stress on the back of the scalp by minimizing hair graft death or wastage (this is called the graft ratio).

Advances in transplant rates allow for a more extensive surgical option, despite the fact that hair regression (male pattern baldness or hair loss) is much more mature.

Customization and appearance

Another advantage is that robotic hair transplantation has an unparalleled consistency compared to other hair transplant methods. For graft extraction dissection and transplantation, it accurately tracks the hairline configuration based on the agreed-upon appearance discussed in the consultation, as it eliminates the complications of human error. Other hair restoration methods do not have the same accuracy as modern FUE.

Using a robot ensures a natural hairline. Unlike manual FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplantation, the robot does not get tired when extracting a transplant or making a small incision in the target area, enabling a clean operation. Modern machines also harvest the hair in natural groups, leaving no trace of surgery on the donor site.

intelligence and efficiency

Modern AI works with doctors, allowing doctors to set up machines to implant harvested hair grafts while simultaneously making incisions in real time.

Proprietary AI algorithms focus on preserving existing hair while producing coveted natural results.

scars and recovery

Because the follicles are randomly harvested, the shape and density of the donor site are virtually unaffected, resulting in nearly undetectable results. Traditional procedures such as follicular unit transplantation (FUT) hair transplantation leave permanent, strip-shaped scars on the back of the scalp.

With robotic FUE hair transplantation, recovery is much smoother than with other procedures, as there is no pain and minimal downtime during and after the procedure. Recovery from modern FUE is only 48 hours, entirely thanks to the local anesthetic used in the operation. Unmatched recovery times mean you can get back to work in just two days.

The procedure takes only 8 hours and you can be discharged from the hospital on the same day.

Feedback and results

Modern robots are the most accurate and accurate hairline surgery on the market, so you can expect excellent results for both men and women.

The use of robotic technology can increase the success rate of FUE hair transplants by up to 100%.

Hundreds of people have published real-world AI hair transplant success stories online in just a few years of release.


Robotic hair replacement surgery is a leading procedure in the hairline transplantation market, providing the best results without the disadvantages of conventional procedures such as FUT and Manual FUE while maintaining price competitiveness.

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