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Many people starting out as nursing assistants will already have some experience in nursing work to help them. This may be because they volunteered in a sheltered environment or worked as a caregiver for someone in the family. However, skilled nursing assistance work is a step forward in many ways, even if your job is similar. This is because, as professionals, you often have higher expectations that will come to the fore.

As long as you keep thinking about what you’re doing, work in a cooperative and professional way, and don’t rush things, you’ll be fine. Some nerves on the first day in a nursing home or on the first day of working in a field that supports independent living in the client’s home are natural and will settle down soon. So, what should you prepare for the first day?

Clear your diary for a while

Care work is physical work. Unlike a desk job, you may be surprised at how tired you are at the end of the day. The learning curve during the first few weeks of a nursing support job is also steep. This means you need to rest to do your best for work the next day. But don’t worry. Because the more you learn and the more confident you are in what you are doing, the easier and more routine it becomes. However, the first week or so of work will make it harder for you to reflect on what you have learned at work and think about how you could do it differently in the future. But no one is saying you should put your social life on hold. For the first few weeks, prepare to be busy at work.

first aid training

Depending on your role, some first aid training may be required. But that is something every nursing assistant should know and be confident in. First aid management is often a requirement as a nursing assistant because you can easily be the first person on the scene after an accident. Training will help you stay calm in the emergencies you may face.

Read the maintenance plan

The people you will care for should have an up-to-date nursing plan. When working as a Nursing Assistant, the basics of the job mean sticking to a care plan and communicating what needs to be delivered. If you do not read the treatment plan for that individual, you may miss or do things that are not included in the plan. According to Essex-based healthcare provider Anglian Care, forward-looking healthcare companies are now updating their healthcare plans electronically, allowing healthcare workers to read the latest version while out and about.

speak for yourself

It can be intimidating when you are new and everyone around you seems to know what you are doing. However, caregivers at all levels need to be able to communicate well. This of course means that you can explain what you are doing to the people you care for. It also means you can say something when you think something is not right. If you have concerns, don’t be afraid. A good work environment encourages frontline staff to speak up, review treatment plans, and take appropriate action if deemed necessary.

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