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Pizza; We can’t get enough stuff. If you’re hosting outdoor gatherings and struggling to find food ideas, pizza is a must. Whether you are a meat eater, a vegetable eater, or a vegan, we can create delicious pizzas to suit the tastes and preferences of everyone in attendance.

Before the process goes ahead, here are some helpful tips on how to plan and host the perfect backyard pizza party.

menu plan

Organizing a pizza party is easy, but if you want to make everyone happy, you need to think about what toppings to include on your menu. Of course you want to overload the cheese, but not everyone is a fan of standard margaritas. A variety of toppings to choose from, including pepperoni, onions, chicken, and mushrooms. Other favorites on the menu include bacon, sausage, ham, pineapple and mixed peppers. Some people may have gluten intolerance, so dietary requirements should also be considered.

prepare in advance

When guests arrive at your backyard pizza party, you’ll want to make sure everything is ready and ready to go. This means preparing the night before. From cutting the toppings to organizing the dough, it’s great for organizing. Be sure to store toppings in a separate container in the refrigerator overnight. With all your bases covered, you can socialize with your guests instead of making a fuss in the kitchen!

buy a pizza oven

When it comes to a successful backyard pizza party, buying the right pizza oven can make a big difference. Ooni specializes in outdoor pizza ovens. They sell a variety of outdoor pizza ovens that can cook any style of pizza, such as New York pizza. You can read our guide on how to make a New York-style pizza that is popular with our guests. One of the great advantages of outdoor pizza ovens is that the thick walls have a lot of insulation and mass, so the pizza stays hot for a long time.

drink stockpile

After you cover the pizza, you need to pay attention to the drinks. After all, there’s nothing like a good drink when tucked into a tasty piece. Stock up on plenty of beer, wine, spirits and soft drinks. You can also buy in bulk to save money. Make sure you also have a blender, and cut lemon and lime slices to accompany the drink.

Relax with music

No matter what kind of backyard pizza party you are hosting, every festival needs music! Thanks to technology, you don’t need to hire a professional DJ to get everyone to dance. Instead, use Spotify to your advantage and create playlists. It can run in the background, so you can focus on the important things like having fun!

game elements

Consider not only the music, but also many games. If the kids are coming, other things kids will love besides pizza are the giant Jenga sets or fun backyard games like the Corn Hole. Try and incorporate games that adults can play too. If you have enough outdoor space, you can designate an area for gaming.

insect spray

When you put a slice of pizza in, no one wants to find the worms lurking there. If you’re hosting an outdoor party with food, insects are bound to show up. However, to avoid ruining the event, there are mosquito repellent sprays and citronella candles. You can use the pan to gently blow the table away so your guests can enjoy the pizza without bothering the pests.

proper seating arrangement

It’s wise to make a guest list for your backyard pizza party. That way, you can be sure that everyone has a place to eat and sit. A few extra chairs should be prepared in case additional guests arrive. If you want to truly feel the pizza spirit, you can purchase pizza-themed tablecloths and covers!

don’t forget snacks

Your focus is all about pizza, but don’t forget the snacks! Believe it or not, some guests may not like a single piece, so serving up a snack means everyone has something to eat. Salads, grilled seasonal vegetables, and a variety of marinated meats and cheeses are party staples. There are also many other easy outdoor appetizers you can make.

If you’re hosting a special get-together for family and friends, a backyard pizza party is a fantastic option. Everyone loves pizza, and serving it is simple. Whatever the reason, the tips above will help you plan and kick off an outdoor party like no other.

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