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Fits perfectly in our large room and the pictures are so crisp. Should have done it years ago. Good price for such a famous quality TV.

For the price, this TV is the best value for money. Picture and sound quality are superb. I would recommend this TV to anyone.

All good quality photos value for money.

All Dancing All Singing TV is easy to set up and connects wirelessly to the internet. HD channels, great smart TV.

If you’re too good at watching TV or playing games in your room.

Toshiba 43ul2163dbc 43 inch Ultra HD 4k Smart TV – TV

Great pictures and sound quality, but it doesn’t stay connected to Wi-Fi.

Got this for myself and I love it and the seller was a great ass to keep in touch with me. Highly recommended as it was coming in 10 minutes now.

The sound of smashing a TV for money is a bit crap, but it doesn’t matter if you have a soundbar. On the downside, Alexa Echo Dot doesn’t recognize it, even if it’s recognized by the ad copy.

Nothing surprising, it has fewer features than most modern TVs.

We bought the same TV’s 24″, 50″ and 43″ and we can’t blame them for the money, they have built-in apps and it’s a good value for the money.

Good product, will buy again.

It’s good enough for a movie, but not much for my hi-fi-sorted music. The picture quality is better than expected. Amazon, youtube and netflix working without any issues. After 2 weeks of use, there is no problem with the Wi-Fi connection. And the remote control is just the right size without being too baggy. Best TV for money spent.

What I like is the remote control and sound production, but the picture quality is not as sharp as expected. Here are the specifications for: Toshiba 43ul2163dbc 43 inch Ultra HD 4k Smart TV:

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  • TRU Micro Dimming TRU Micro Dimming improves contrast by focusing on all different areas of the image.
  • The app has everything from the latest movies and trendy music to your favorite box sets. The best streaming apps, including Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Amazon Music, and Freeview Play, are built-in as standard and are ready to go.
  • 4K, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision and HDR10 By seamlessly combining Dolby Atmos with Dolby Vision and HDR10, the UL21 4K Smart TV delivers a truly captivating viewing experience.
  • Controlling your TV with your voice assistant voice has never been easier. Just connect it to your Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Google Home Mini device*. The choice is yours.

Toshiba 43ul2163dbc 43 inch Ultra HD 4k Smart TV – TV

I needed a TV with sound because my neighbor drowns us in his surround sound and this fab, good pictures and excellent value for money.

Find the pictures are not very good on some TV channels. I mostly use firesticks so it’s no big deal. My only problem is that I have to manually set the sleep/off timer only for 2 hours.

The only problem I’ve noticed with this TV is that it’s basically slow to respond. You probably have low ram memory installed. Unrelated, but I have major issues with Wi-Fi stability and software responsiveness. All commands from the remote control take a significant amount of time for the TV to respond. Sometimes it doesn’t work. And like I said, internet related apps like Netflix sometimes decide not to respond. I have other devices connected to the same internet like my pc and phone and everything else works fine. I am thinking of returning the item.

To be honest, I don’t like bad choices.

Good value for money, also bought a sound bar, good movie experience.

Buyer Reviews:

  • Good TV, no manual, mirroring glitches, wireless disconnected!
  • Excellent 4K TV.
  • unadvertised

Toshiba 43ul2163dbc 43 inch Ultra HD 4k Smart TV – TV

This is my second purchase and I have not been disappointed yet.

Good TV, but tricky to adjust. I couldn’t find a menu to adjust so I had to call the Toshiba helpline. Now it’s working and running good. I changed broadband and the installer was unable to adjust the new broadband. He also couldn’t find a way to do this.

I was surprised that the TV has really good quality for this price. The TV isn’t top-notch, but it’s good enough to watch video games and soccer matches.

Excellent quality TV for the money.

It doesn’t connect to Amazon and, according to Toshiba, it hasn’t done so for a while. Luckily I didn’t buy it for that reason. The overall picture quality is good and the sound is good. My main TV was not purchased as a second room TV.

Despite messing around with a broken screen. The replacement was very nice and it’s a noticeable improvement on my old Sony 40″. There is no jaw in watching 4K content on Netflix and watching familiar movies in 4K versions on the tube. It’s like watching a new movie. My old sony was 800 pounds 12 years ago.

Toshiba 43ul2163dbc 43 inch Ultra HD 4k Smart TV – TV

I can’t figure out why Alexa isn’t working.

Great value for money, easy to set up and install. There is nothing I really don’t like about this. The sound is great. The picture quality is great.

Got this on a Black Friday offer. I’ve had a Toshiba before, so I thought it would be good. Beautiful picture quality and sound volume no longer need speakers. I thought this TV would allow you to preview via the built-in feature without the need for an antenna cable, but it just groups all the online players. It’s a shame, but I’m not a deal breaker. There is no manual that annoys me, who likes to read the manual to know all the features. This TV is not easy to use. On other devices it worked fine. I had to unplug the TV (wtf?) to fix it. I tried to mirror my phone to the TV. The commands on my phone were not enough. Good luck figuring out how to do it without a manual. I finally found the info in settings. I was instructed to press the source button. Embarrassingly, there is no button called ‘source’ and no manual with explanations of the button’s function.

I have two other Toshiba TVs and I ordered them because I liked them. This came out fine, but when it arrived, the screen was broken and I returned it. I ordered another one and I really like this TV. Great to have vivid colors, prime video, and all 4+ apps. I wish there were more various apps. I connected it to the antenna and found many TV and radio stations. Nice user interface and easy to use. Nice sound and nice pictures.

This is the ideal TV for our home.

First, the picture and sound quality are very good and the facilities provided are extensive and useful. However, ‘smart’ software is certainly questionable and introduces annoying glitches in the use of the TV. Below are some of my experiences. Sometimes the TV locks up and the switch on the back of the TV doesn’t work, but it doesn’t respond to remote control, voice commands or smartphone (via toshiba smart center(sic)). You must unplug the TV to restore it to normal. Google Assistant’s voice manipulation seems to work, but sometimes it refuses to allow instructions for no reason (the TV sometimes refuses to turn up the volume beyond level 10, even though the TV can use the remote to turn it up. Toshiba Smart Center (sic) loses contact periodically – the TV is still connected to the router and can stream program material, but if you power cycle the TV along with the TV and turn it back on, the normal connection is restored.

Toshiba 43ul2163dbc 43 inch Ultra HD 4k Smart TV – TV

Excellent 4k TV and affordable price. I’ve been searching for months to decide which one to buy (I’m afraid I’m picking the wrong one) and this product has picked up all the boxes that are just right for me. Very easy to set up (5 minutes – no language, wifi and tuning – no manual required), great pictures and sound (significantly improved in 1080p HD and great for next-gen games and 4k movies) and super easy navigation. It comes pre-installed with preview play (cbs catch-up, etc), and the generously sized remote has button shortcuts for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and their fp. Sadly there is no Disney+ available, but I use a Firestick that has that app, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Also, everything is really fast and there are no lags or freezes. Speaking of the Firestick, another thing I like about the remote is that it acts as a remote control for your Firestick device. You can turn this off if you want, but if you have a firestick, it’s very convenient for those who don’t want to keep replacing the remote. It’s a really great TV and it’s worth every penny.

I bought this to replace my old 55′ 4k screen because I wanted a slightly larger display. Since I run pretty much everything (netflix, etc) through my xbox, I wasn’t interested in what apps were available, and since I run the sound through a dolby digital surround receiver, the sound quality doesn’t matter either. What was appealing was the presence of Dolby Vision. So size and cost were the main factors of choice. The set itself is a functional enough design. There was nothing aesthetically interesting. It was very simple to unpack, mount and connect to an existing vesa bracket, and was up and running in about 15 minutes. The picture quality is good, but not surprising. I tend to turn off most post-processing effects. Because they interfere with the image (especially when watching 4k Blu-ray). But in reality, you get what you pay for. And in this case you are paying a large chunk of real estate. Dolby Vision looks great, especially when gaming in 4k on xbox. But one major complaint is that the screen sometimes flickers black and then comes back when Dolby Vision is on. Activating as if losing dolby vision – very frustrating when playing games, sometimes giving up and disabling it. Because of that, you lose a star in the rating.

The sound quality, which is not the easiest to set up or use, is well worth the money.

For the price, I am more than satisfied with this product.

The TV is a masterpiece that should be great for gaming.

Very easy to use when you can finally set up your wifi. There are no clear instructions or no where to find them.

It’s easy to install, but the photo settings may be more suited to your photo’s standards. The brightness is not very good even at max.

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