Tue. May 17th, 2022

Great value for money and easy to assemble.

Traveled 1600 miles with no problems.

Great for medium size photos/easy to use.

I am very satisfied with the whole process and product.

This could be the best deal if they actually have a big TV. Ended up packing it in 3 blankets and wishing for the best.

Uboxes TV Moving Box –

When I moved, I used this box to cover my precious TV. It fits easily in the box and I added a protective layer with bubble wrap around the screen. The TV arrived safely and is well worth the box price. It was much cheaper to order online than in store or uhaul.

It can also be used for large photos.

Provides double protection for your screen or large canvas.

This box is a good price, but it’s 2 pieces instead of 4 versions, so if your TV isn’t the biggest you’ll have to cut the box and re-tape it. I have some moving experience, so customizing the box was fairly easy and well worth the savings on two TV’s, but if you don’t want to customize the box, get the more expensive 4 piece version of the TV box.

As expected, the TV is easy to pack.

It has long travel and two 65″ TVs. I didn’t want it to be damaged in transit.

We were moving almost 700 miles away and didn’t want our new TV to get scratched, so we took the chance and bought something cheaper than Walmart. It was easy to assemble and has handles on the side for easy carrying. My TV was made safely with no damage.

I’d like better instructions or pictures of boxing explaining how to insert one into the other, but I’ve found that placing a 70″ flat screen in one and a 5 foot portrait in the other works/fits perfectly. I did. Here are the specifications for Uboxes TV Moving Box:

  • uBoxes TV Moving Box – 2 Pack
  • Moving box to fit up to 70″ flat screen TV
  • Double Wall Corrugated Kraft TV Moving Box , Professional Grade Quality Box
  • Made in USA, premium moving box
  • Protect your TV and protect your valuables. The uBoxes TV moving box is one of the best choices for moving your TV safely.

Uboxes TV Moving Box –

I didn’t like the lack of instructions on how to assemble the TV box. We had to get instructions from YouTube for assembly.

The cardboard wasn’t very durable, but it did the job. Wrap the TV in blankets and/or bubble wrap.

The floor had to be cut to make room for the TV legs.

Our flat screen TV was protected and came out safely.

I had to go online to figure out how to build it, but they did a good job. Protected two televisions and a large picture to travel 1000 miles.

I need a little more support. For really big TVs, you need support in a corner or something and some other way to make it fit better. It still got the job done, but it felt unsafe to send to the repository.

Uboxes TV Moving Box –

These have helped all three of my TVs travel from Florida to Arizona. The two boxes I paid for and the box they were shipped to.

Easy to assemble and sturdy. Provides excellent protection for your television.

Uboxes TV Moving Box –

Uboxes TV Moving Box –

Uboxes TV Moving Box –

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