Wed. May 18th, 2022

Monday, hotter than southern Italy

BBC Weather’s Darren Bett says mercury levels in southern and eastern England will remain in the late teens to early 20s.

On Monday, Bett said temperatures will reach 23C. This is higher than Palermo in southern Italy, which will be the 17th century.

“Today will be a good day,” he said. There is a lot of weather and a lot of sunshine around and you will feel warm even in the sun.

“Currently, some low clouds are heading towards us, but if you look out over the Atlantic Ocean, these clouds will bring some changes in the northwest tomorrow.

“The wind is starting to blow from the northwest of England tonight.

“Thick clouds will come in and it will start to rain a little, but it will be dry and sunny.

“A slightly chilly start tomorrow across East Anglia and the northeast will be milder than in the northwest.

“The high pressure that currently sits over the UK will be pushed eastward, causing these weather fronts to move down tomorrow and bring rain.

“There will be more rain across Northern Ireland tomorrow.

“After a bright cloudless start in England and Wales we will see a trend of increasing clouds in the northwest but remain dry.

“It will warm up as the temperature rises to 23 degrees Celsius as the sun shines across the southeast.”

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