Wed. May 18th, 2022

BRITS enters into a refreshing Easter Bank Holiday as the temperatures are set. It rises to 16C, which is sunny by the middle of the week.

Temperatures in London will reach 16C by Wednesday, ahead of the Bank Holiday weekend when mercury will reach 18C.

During the same period, the temperature around the Greek port city of Thessaloniki was only 15 degrees Celsius.

Easter may see warmer conditions due to shifts in the high pressure system, but maps from WXCharts show it could drop as low as -6C after the weekend.

British Meteorological Agency meteorologist Jim Dale said: “There are two weather systems that threaten to see some rain next week, one at the beginning of the week and the other at the weekend.

“But it looks like the temperatures are rising on Monday and this should be the trend for Easter.”

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