Mon. May 16th, 2022

Pollen Allergy May Come Back… And Here’s Why

Warmer weather is set to wreak havoc with pollen allergy symptoms as tree pollen levels skyrocket.

Climate change could lead to the expansion of weeds and tree pollen this season and could cause hay fever to start early.

The Korea Meteorological Administration says dry, sunny weather and daytime temperatures are expected for the first week of spring, in the mid to late teens.

“As temperatures rise, the main pollutants tend to increase, making air quality much more difficult for millions of pollen allergy sufferers,” said Jin Zhang, global medical head of Kimberly-Clark, UK.

“Therefore, it is likely that the pollen season will start earlier and last longer due to global warming.”

Pollution (64%), rising temperatures (52%), and extreme weather conditions (38%) are the biggest environmental factors influencing allergies, according to reports of people suffering from pollen allergies.

Amena Warner, Head of Clinical Services at the charity Allergy UK, said: Enjoying everyday activities can be a real struggle. With the realities of warm weather, it is important to provide advice, support and tools to help allergy sufferers manage their symptoms while staying active and healthy.”

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