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Plants and Vegetables You Should Plant Now to Make the Most of the Weather

Fruits and Vegetables to Plant in March

Many people plant peas later in the spring, but it is better to start in March.

The peas simply need to be sown outdoors or in a cold mold.

When they are large enough to handle, move them to the last growth point.

Carrots are usually not planted until April, but plant them in late March for an early harvest in June.

If the soil is stony, the roots may crack, so choose shorter varieties like Chantenay.

flowers to plant in March

Bare root roses are usually planted during the dormant period.

March is your last chance to plant before spring awakens.

Bare root roses are generally less expensive than potted roses and will grow faster if planted now.

Wildflowers are very easy when it comes to making your garden wildlife-friendly.

They grow fast, require low maintenance, and are a great way to control weeds.

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