Tue. May 17th, 2022

Putin’s schedule ‘a few weeks behind’

Vladimir Putin is ‘weeks behind’ on schedule and will try to escalate his attacks and will become even more ‘unpredictable’ as he prepares for a long war.

A senior Pentagon official said Russian forces were weeks behind President Vladimir Putin’s expectations after shifting the focus of the operation to Donbas in eastern Ukraine.

The official said at a briefing with reporters on Tuesday that Putin was “two weeks or more later than he wanted in the East.”

U.S. National Intelligence Director Avril Haynes said Putin is now “preparing for a long-term conflict” in Ukraine.

“I appreciate that Putin is preparing for the ongoing civil war in Ukraine to achieve his goals beyond Donbass,” Avril said.

“Combined with the uncertain nature of the battle developing into an exhaustive war and the reality that Putin faces a discrepancy between his ambitions and Russia’s current conventional military capabilities, the coming months will see us move in a more unpredictable direction. There seems to be a potential upward trajectory.”

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