Mon. May 16th, 2022

“The easiest way to end this war is for Putin to step down.”

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg appeared in the press after a NATO foreign ministers meeting in Brussels today, warning that war could last for years.

“The easiest way to end this war,” Stoltenberg said, “is for Putin to withdraw all his troops, end the war, sit back and engage in a serious diplomatic effort to find a solution.”

“But we need to be realistic and there are no indications that Putin has changed his overall goal of controlling Ukraine and achieving important military victories on the battlefield.

“What we are seeing is that Russia is realigning and redeploying its forces in northern Ukraine while simultaneously moving them eastward and we expect a big battle in Donbas.

“And this is why our allies have emphasized the urgency of providing more assistance to Ukraine today.

“This is why our allies impose huge costs on Putin and Russia. But at the same time we are prepared for the long run. This war could last for weeks, months, maybe years. So we need to prepare more. do.”

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