Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

Millions of benefits overpaying for broadband

Millions of beneficiaries overpay an average of £250 a year for broadband services, a consumer group says.

Low-income people, such as those receiving Universal Credit, may be eligible for special social tariffs. This means you can save hundreds of pounds on more expensive offers.

which? During the month of May, we checked the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts of seven broadband providers, but only one provider mentioned social tariffs in their posts during that time period.

Our own research shows that customers covered by social tariffs can save an average of £250 per year by switching to the cheapest social tariff.

In February, only 55,000 of about 4.2 million households said they signed up for a discount deal.

“It is unacceptable that broadband providers do not do more to inform their customers of social tariffs, which means millions of households who may struggle to earn a living could miss out on savings of hundreds of pounds. ” said Rocio Concha, Director of Policy and Advocacy.

“During the cost of living crisis, broadband service providers must support the most financially vulnerable by clearly promoting discount deals and making it easier for eligible customers to transition to social rates.”

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