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I bought it Refurbished for 650 dollars and it came to me impeccable. So far I am very happy with the projector. I connected it to my PS4 and Apple TV 4K, the picture is great.

The media could not be loaded.  this projector is great under 1000. For better experience try to watch at 100 inches. Put contrast in high level and brightness in moderate level to be able to watch in the best 4k resolution experience.

The media could not be loaded.  overall satisfied with my purchase. Picture quality is good and can be better if you mess with the color settings. The price is great, this projector has the same chipset as the optoma uhd50x. The video was projected on a $7 ‘alr’ from amazon.

There is a weird whirring when routing sound through this projector. We had to add a sound bar and route av to sound bar, then video from sound bar to projector to fix issue. Picture and response times are great, especially at price point.

It doesn’t seem to have arc, or at least i can’t get it to work. Black levels are not great, especially with default settings. Turning brightness up to 52 helped a lot with being able to see things in the shadows. Turning brilliantcolor down (to ~7 for hdr, ~1 for sdr) helped keep things from looking washed out. The throw distance is long enough that it shouldn’t be in front of you for fully immersive size so i’ll probably need to do a ceiling mount. At 120′ in a dark room at night it seems a bit too bright even on eco mode since the blacks look gray and bright hdr whites can make me squint. A bigger or lower gain screen will probably improve it. I just got a cheap $20 screen from amazon and i think the gain is around 1. It’s close to $500 cheaper then the next cheapest 4k projector, so overall i’m very happy with it.

I’m set up using a 160′ screen at 20 feet. Not disappointed at all for the price.

Hands down this is one of the best projectors i have ever used, it blows the water out of the optoma 4k ‘gaming’ competitor. The input lag is very, very low and definitely meets or exceeds the advertised 4. I use this projector primarily for lab research in 1080p mode where latency is a major concern and we are extremely happy with the brightness, response speed, and image quality. The response time in 4k is great as well, but not quite as fast as lower resolutions. Our previous viewsonic 1080p projector lasted us 10 years, and we still use it today. Happy to have finally found the high quality product we needed, we will definitely continue buying viewsonic in the future.

It lives up to its description. Beautiful sharp and powerful image. I previously ordered a projector that claimed 7,000 lumens and cost about £250, but when it arrived i was really disappointed with the picture. Then i researched in more detail and found that ‘lumens’ are very different to ‘ansi lumens’. As a general rule, 1,000 ansi lumens equals about 7,000 lumens. I sent the other one back and bought the viewsonic. This model is over 4,000 ansi lumens and far better built, hence the huge difference in picture quality. It even works well on a 20 feet inflatable screen in the garden at dusk.

  • nice projector but with limitations
  • True native 4k
  • Transportable, affordable, and useable

Viewsonic Px748-4k, 4,000 Ansi Lumens 4k Uhd Home Cinema & Gaming Projector with

From the manufacturer

ViewSonic PX748-4K 4000 Lumen 4K UHD Home Cinema Gaming Projector 5ms 240Hz Warping Keystone USB-C
ViewSonic PX748-4K 4000 Lumen 4K UHD Home Cinema Gaming Projector 5ms 240Hz Warping Keystone USB-C
ViewSonic PX748-4K 4000 Lumen 4K UHD Home Cinema Gaming Projector 5ms 240Hz Warping Keystone USB-C

1 Flexible Set Up 2 Adaptable 3 Responsive & Immersive 4 Flexible Connectivity

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  1. ViewSonic PX748-4K 4000 Lumen 4K UHD Home Cinema Gaming Projector 5ms 240Hz Warping Keystone USB-C
  2. ViewSonic PX748-4K 4000 Lumen 4K UHD Home Cinema Gaming Projector 5ms 240Hz Warping Keystone USB-C

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1 Long Lifetime 2 240Hz & 5ms Gaming

This projector is not native 4k and the throw rate according to veiwsonic from 5 mtrs is at least 120 inch i could only manage a90 inch projection on my 133 inch screen and went through all settings many times olso if u don’t use super eco mode fan kicks in louder i’ve been given a replacement from amazon and hopefully it will be better as i’m not saying it’s a bad projector good pic remote is a nightmare but that’s me dont take this review as not to buy as it’s worth the money if it’s not faulty as i believe my 1 is veiwsonic is a great company so recommend them for a budget 4k projector but would hold on for newer editions as there constantly bringing out better ones.

This German manufacturer honestly indicates the ANSI lumens (what does on the screen) and does not mislead people like some Chinese people with the simple lumen (what happens in the projector). The 3200 of the Viewsonic will soon be twice as bright as the cocky 7000 stated elsewhere. There are very flexible zoom and image orientation options. In fan volume (a tricky topic for me), it is 9dB below the cheap competition, which means only a quarter of the volume. (6dB difference is a factor of 2, measurement with iPhone app)

For the price this is a fantastic unit, it does have some light whine from the color wheel, but is otherwise superb. When calibrated, colors are good, sharpness is excellent and the response time is truly stunning from a projector. Having owned a number of high end projectors over the years, we are truly amazed that a sub $1k unit can pack so much punch.

It looks great, it is not LED but it gives enough lumens clearly in the room I’m very happy. You shouldn’t expect any wonder but HD and 4K are unbeatable for the money

In the dark, the projector makes a good, bright picture on the wall, even if it is slightly dim, you can still look at it. However, it is obviously not comparable to a television and during the day you have to darken the room. What’s wrong is that the lens was full of dust when unpacked. So cleaning was the order of the day. After a short time, the fan broke down and started to squeak. It doesn’t have Wi-Fi, so looong cables run through the room. I connected it to the PC via HDMI. But for some reason, after a while, he stopped connecting to the PC several times, just out of nowhere! When I connected the HDMI cable to the monitor, I had a picture again. Then reconnected to the projector and none. Although the same cable went with the projector for several days. Tried new HDMI cable. Monitor went projector went. Then play the same game as with the first HDMI cable. The sound goes via the HDMI cable. The projector speakers are really too bad and I can’t recommend them. In the end, it was too stupid for me that I first got such a long HDMI cable and that I had to run it through the entire room to my PC. I placed the projector about 3.2 m from the projection surface on a shelf near the ceiling. The picture was just too small. I think you need over 4m to achieve an attractive size. I also had to use the keystone correction and put a box behind the hind legs, shaky construction. but without it, the image was largely projected onto the ceiling. The correction resulted in a terribly annoying gray border around the film (and the projected image then becomes even smaller around the gray area, of course). I had to put a long wooden board in front of the grey edge so that the >10cm was covered. The remote control is rather inferior and not well designed. The buttons are so soft that I had to print more and more often to make something happen. All in all, just not up to the state of the art. I’m going to buy another projector with WiFi and hope it doesn’t have as many flaws as this one. In any case, it’s not worth €790 to me.

I was very undecided whether to write this review. unfortunately I had to return this projector which, at first glance, surprised me positively. I specify that I behaved it through Amazon warehouse” Used – Like New” and the product actually looked like new. at the first turn on, after the manual focus, I immediately noticed a good brightness even with strong ambient light and excellent image sharpness. it is not a real 4k, as you can read from different descriptions, but compared to my old 1080p a cut above. the problems: placed behind the sofa, where my old 1080p projector was, this shot the image very high, which ended up half an image projected on the ceiling (I have a room with to reposition it on the opposite wall I therefore had to invent a way to keep it tilted forward. this inclination, however, led to an aberration in the frame of the image. a kind of perspective distortion that could have been safely corrected with the correction of keystone distortion. all very nice, only in the menu this function (provided in the manual) could not be activated (the voice appeared but in gray and not clickable). and using the buttons on the remote control or on the projector, the image did not change for anything. after half an hour of slamming I was almost decided to call Amazon support for help when, unexpectedly, the projected image starts to gradually blur on its own, until you can’t recognize anything anymore. i tried to figure it out something, but I didn’t figure it out. evidently there must have been some factory defect that escaped the Amazon staff who verify the used products. moral of the story, packed up and made the return. It’s really a shame. I was mouthing it.

I had the BenQ TK810 UHD before. The first device went back because the Wi-Fi did not work, and subsequently an HDMI port stopped working. The second device went back to due to wifi problems and one flew off the device. Then I bought Viewsonic PX748. no problems, the only drawback is that wireless is only possible with an expensive wireless dongle.

Xbox series x all green except dolby vision. Gaming at full 4k 60 frames perfect. So glad i bought this sweet projector. Just wish i could set it up high and project down with out flipping it upside down. Havent really messed with that too busy gaming.

  • nice projector but with limitations
  • True native 4k
  • Transportable, affordable, and useable

Viewsonic Px748-4k, 4,000 Ansi Lumens 4k Uhd Home Cinema & Gaming Projector with

great product, the colors are very bright and the low latency mode is atomic if used to play even at fps. but. if you suffer from rainbow effect, probably after 10 minutes you would find yourself taking out the Christmas food of the day before, it’s also a pity that you can’t adjust the corners of the image when You are in low latency game mode, so if you don’t have a piece of furniture in front of you but you wanted to put it on the ceiling or on an inclined stand and you want to use it to play, avoid it.

Nice projector but with limitations, pros: very bright image in dynamic mode and normal mode, well detailed image. Cons: the zoom and focus work apparently in a funny way (but maybe it was me not able to set them properly?) in eco mode and super eco mode the image is not bright; in all 4 options and despite the adjustments made the visual effect is not very engaging (in dynamic mode it definitely improves); it is a good product for the price but with many limitations, personally i will opt to spend 200 pounds more and buy an epson 7000 projector.

Love that the projector has a usb-c port on it which makes things so much smoother & easier in the modern world. Could not find many projectors with the usb-c port. All had very old legacy ports, even recently released projectors. Wish there was another usb-c dedicated for charging the device. 1 standard that can deliver 240w of power over usb-c, this will become possible with the next generation.

I’m actually surprised how good this is for gaming. I know it’s advertised as a gaming projector but really didn’t think i’d use it over the tv. I’m positioned about 4m away on a 120′ screen and gaming is really good. No it’s not as bright as the tv but i only really game at night so it’s not the end of the world as its dark enough. Watching in day light isn’t great. I have a window measuring 120cm x 210cm about 1-2m from the screen to the left of it and any time before 8pm (currently british summer), if you value image quality is pointless. Once i have blinds in the window i’m sure it will be fine but i avoid daylight watching at the mo because it’s just too washed out for me. Once it’s a bit darker though its spot on. Don’t bother with sd picture (depending on screen size) on 120′ sd images are appalling. Go fhd or 4k though and things are so much better and make sense again.

Small, light, intuitive to use. Affordable, crisp image. Sound runs through 7.1 system. Optical connection is missing, so only analog cables. But still great sound. Nothing negative to report so far. The picture quality is brilliant, even HD movies are sharp. The picture is bright enough, whereby we mainly look in a darkened room. Remote control is also okay. Unfortunately, recently on HDMI 1 input problems and aborts. After switching to HDMI 2 error no longer popped up. Device is complained about, order the same again.

The media could not be loaded.  this is an amazing 4k projector for under a $1000. I use a ps4 pro and the picture quality is as good as my 4k tv and it’s a 120 inch screen. The input lag is nice and low even using a mouse. Use the picture settings from the projectorcentral. Com review to get colors adjusted quickly and then adjust for preference from there. Recommend ceiling mount to save room obviously.

The fans are very loud, and even worse there was a high pitched whine (coil whine?) which was intolerable. Not sure if it was a fault with the one i had, but ended up returning sadly. The picture itself was outstanding and worked well with xbox one x.

Colors a little inaccurate, a lot of noise, good definition; In short, like all DLP, of these prices. Projector doesn’t work with Chromecast. No video – only black image – but with audio. For us, that’s a dealbreaker and for this pinch that can’t happen.

Handy charging port on the projector for airstick etc. Very happy with the purchase. Takes a couple of minutes to turn off completely. The onboard speaker is useless though.

ViewSonic Px748-4k :         It has USB-C!!!

This is the best full-sized projector i own, but also the most expensive one. Can’t compare it to higher-end projectors, but if you’re considering to buy one of the cheap alternatives with similar specs, my advice is simple – don’t. Save yourself some time and money, just do the research, find what you need and buy a proper projector. Many things to like on this one. It doesn’t get hot or noisy – i can fall asleep next to one. The remote control is perfect.

I had had a 1024p 3d projector before. Over time, the fan burnt out. Being 1024p, i didn’t want to pay to replace it, didn’t want another 1024p, and didn’t want to spend what 4k projectors cost. This solved all of those issues. It is a quality product and i am happy i purchased it. After using it for 4 to 5 months, i have zero complaints.

Upgraded from a 720 projector. Image is a huge improvement. Did not realize it would require an upgrade on my amplifier so that it would relay the upgraded video signal. Sometimes the image looks slightly distorted but it could be from the signal.

don’t have much experience with projectors, had previously ordered a China projector from Amazon for €300, but it could not be attached to the ceiling, I sent it back. After that, ordered here. This one costs 3x as much as the cheap projector, but it’s also much better, really nice resolution, even in the corners, strong, rich colors, decent brightness (you can also operate it in daylight). I use it in a hobby room in the basement, about 8m x 4m with 2 large windows. It projects about 140 – 150″ diagonal, hangs about 5m away from the wall. That doesn’t bother me, but I think some people have some difficulties with the projection ratio. I watched a few nature videos on Youtube in 4K with it, it’s a pretty impressive thing! Playing PS4 on it is quite different than on a normal TV. So if you have the space and don’t watch so often during the day but rather in the evening I would recommend the part rather than a 75″ television, for example, you get a really decent picture in the maximum size. And it’s significantly cheaper.

for the price it is quite surprising, I currently send it on a black wall and it is already very good, the image takes the whole wall or almost, we would think it is in the movie

I was looking to get a new projector to upgrade a benq w1070+ which although amazing for its time needed bulb changes every 4000 hours. I had looked for months for a projector that had longer bulb life and better brightness for daytime use. I looked at many models from different brands and liked viewsonics x10 4k offering using the led bulb to remove need to change bulb for 30000. However, when i trialled this projector its brightness was not enough for my needs. I saw this upgrade to the px747 4k and so far have been blown away. It is projected onto a matt grey wall no screen and the image quality and response times for games is unmatched- the picture quality and brightness even on super eco which gives bulb 20000 hours is brighter than my old benq with a new bulb. The self adjusting keystone was flawless and films now have a detail and deep colours i have not seen before even when running at 1080p rather than 4k due to improved blacks and contrast compared to old projector- the 4k media i have trialed so far makes the image appear as if your really in the places projected- only gripe as with any projector is speakers are not great but no one uses these do they?. Hooked up to amp and decent 5. For the price this will not be beaten for a long while.

It works great, 4k and hdr work fine, the dynamic eco needs some adjusting. If you have white subtitles on a black background, then the dynamic black thing will flicker a bit. The solution was to change the subtitle color to gray or dark gray in vlc and any other video players on pc. It will require a better projector screen than what was acceptible for 1080p. I was using a think white curtain before and now i can see it’s irregular patterns (couldn’t with 1080p) in white scenes.

I ordered the px748-4k for gaming and occasional movies. The input lag is negligible, so that’s good. Color accuracy is okay, but in hdr mode, there is a lot of banding. Black levels are the worst i have ever seen on any projector ever. 8 gain matte grey screen, and blacks are light grey at best. I am not surprised as it’s to ve expected with dlp projectors, but this is especially bad. Anyway, all in all, i dock a star for terrible black levels, but otherwise decent value for the money. For daytime with lots of ambient light, good option. For dedicated theatre with light control, not so much.

This projector is a top class. Highly recommended for less than €1000. At the moment I still use it without a screen, as I am currently looking at a distance of 3 meters. Projected 110 cm height and 200 cm width Uploaded a video and photo. Super bright and can also be used in daylight. It is recommended to make a contrast canvas in the dark, as it radiates walls very much. Once I got the right canvas, I’ll add this here. 4k pixelshift is definitely more than enough for me. Makes soccer, movies in a clean picture. hooked up Fire TV Stick and off it. What you should be aware of is the positioning. Height to the wall ceiling, since I let it shine not hanging from the ceiling, but from a buildup. Conclusion: Wanted to return first, as no Wi-Fi, apps, 3D etc. but now keep and very peace!

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 4K UHD RESOLUTION: Delivering impressive visuals in true 4K clarity, as well as supporting HDR and HLG content to produce more dynamic-looking images.
  • LAN CONTROL CAPABILITY: The PX748-4K comes with LAN control capability that is compatible with a variety of home automation systems (incl. Control 4, Crestron, AMX, PJ Link, and Network Control), making it a perfect addition to your smart home.
  • Included components: quick start guide
  • Wattage: 10.0 watts

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