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New Vinaigrette Restaurant in Albuquerque, NMNew Vinaigrette Restaurant in Albuquerque, NM – Photo courtesy Jennifer Borin

Certainly, Albuquerque, NM is known for its heavy New Mexican cuisine, such as Enchiladas, Berritos and Hughes Ranchiros, but a large portion of the population appreciates light, healthy fare. Welcome to Vinaigrette, offering the city’s fabulous new restaurant in the historic Old Town area.

Vinaigrette farm and greenhouseVinaigrette Farm and Greenhouse – Photo courtesy Vinaigrette

Erin Wade, a Harvard graduate, has returned to her roots, so to speak, to grow about 70 percent of her restaurant ingredients on her 10-acre farm in Nambe, NM. The food grown in their greenhouses retains vinegar during the winter months. The restaurant buys local and organic when it can’t grow on its own. Vinaigrette goes “green” from composting everything and recycling all the water to reusing fire-damaged wood for your floor. To reduce waste, they offer bread and water only on request.

Courtyard in VinaigrettePatio on Vinegar – Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boren

A genius in design, Erin created a fresh and fun interior in Vinaigrette and even hired a relative to provide artwork. He also planted a garden on the outdoor courtyard, which was provided with a lot of shade by modern colorful umbrellas.

Fresh and fun Vinaigrette interiorVinaigrette’s Fresh and Fun Entertainment – Photo courtesy of Jennifer Bourne

Viniagrette first started 5 years ago in Santa Fe. Albuquerque’s location has been open for seven months and a possible third location is being discussed. The menu offers vegetarian, vegan and meat options. The staff will tell you to try All Nail Caesar! Salad, with its lemon anchovy vinegar.

In addition to signature salads and classic salads (with a variety of meat pairs to choose from), Vinaigrette offers starters, soups and sandwiches, as well as delicious Roasted Veggie with roasted bell peppers, onions and squash. And Provolone.

Beer and wine choices are available and after 5pm, a few other items on the menu can be ordered, such as Tengi Hummus made with lentils, Pansita wrapped asparagus, Sweet broccoli and roasted honey mustard. Potato

All of this healthy goodness will force you to return to Venegrade to experience the native genius of the Harvard farmer of New Mexico again and again.

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