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Purchased the 60″ black wood tv stand. Heavy made, and exactly as described. It has two drawers at the bottom, and a shelf at each end. There are two grommet holes in the back for you to put your cords through for the main shelf in the front. I have it placed under a 65″ tv, and it looks great. It did take some time to put together, but have patience and you won’t be disappointed. It was a great purchase, and i couldn’t be more pleased.It arrived in perfect condition.

I originally purchased this stand back in december 2011 for my 82 inch mitsubishi dlp tv. It is now october 2020 and this thing is still pretty solid and in great condition. Aside from some of the black stickers that mask the screws coming off, i haven’t really had any issues with this stand. My tv is acting up, so it might be time for a replacement. When that time officially comes, i won’t have any hesitation in setting it on this stand.

I’m not going to downgrade my rating on this console because of my nightmare amazon deliver experience. However, i will relate it at the close of this review because some of it may bite you. I bought this console for a 60″ panasonic tv i planned to order (and, in fact, did shortly thereafter – the plan was to have the delivery folks place the 100+ pound tv on the stand for me). In hindsight, i should have spent more time probably searching locally for a unit because, after much delays in delivery, i did look at consoles at a local best buy and found a bigger selection than i expected and the prices on a couple of candidates were about the same price. However, i’ve stuck with the walker edison product and i’m not disappointed. One thing that attracted to me to it was all the storage it has. I’ve taken great advantage of the dvd storage on either end of the unit. The open shelf also is the perfect size for a center channel polk speaker for my 5. 1 system plus my comcast dvr. The unit arrived in generally good shape except for one noticable nick.

Easy to assemble, looks great in my living room, and was as expected. The only complaint would be that the stickers to hide the screws don’t stick well, but i live in a humid area.

I bought this tv table for my son’s 55′ flat screen tv. This is great because it doesn’t have glass. The open shelves are great for the wii system and dvd player. The drawers are great for storage. There is also shelves on the side that fit dvd cases. This table looks great and is very practical.

I chose this rating because the look is great the storage is great but one of the side peices was not drilled for the camlocks or the dowls so it was kinda a pain to assemble but i had already demolished the box and i dont know about most people but i dont keep a 60+ inch long box laying around so i improvised and drilled some holes and continued on its sturdy but it isnt factory other than that its beautiful good luck.

I really took a chance on this one and it was well worth it. Getting a nice stand at this price point is a challenge but this fit what i was looking for. This was one of the few stands that had a wide enough shelf for my sound bar. Quality of the wood is on par with what you would expect at this price point but no issues. Quality of the hardware is good and they even include a bag of spare parts. Assembled this over 2 days and it took between 2-3 hours with 1 person assembling and the instructions were suitable. Overall, the stand is pretty sturdy but i think the pull out drawers could be an issue if loaded up completely and heavily but no issues so far. Side shelves for dvd’s is a very convenient touch. Would definitely buy again and if they offered a solid wood stand, i would buy that as well.

This is one beautiful set and it wasn’t hard at all to put together but if doing it alone, be ready to spend some time at it. Only wish it was slightly taller is the only regret i have but i knew this coming in. Not a single piece arrived damage, even though the box arrived with a good size gash.

Walker Edison 58″ Black Wood Storage Tv Cabinet

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One drawer panel was partially torn. There were three places i had to dig holes myself. If they were not inside, what i did to dig a hole would have made it look really terrible. It was just too inconvenient to return this heavy stuff.

I was very satisfied with this model, it has a clean and smooth look, contains 2 drawers for media equipment and has 2 cutout holes in the back for cable management. I use it for my 65 inch samsung model tv.

This is a fabulous entertainment center, especially for the price. We mounted our tv and sound bar, but use the cabinet to store our game systems, accessories, and blurays and a few decorative items. The drawers are sturdy, and the shelves on the side are perfect for storing games or movies. I would buy this again for another room if we needed one. My only minor complaint is that the little stickers it came with to cover the screw holes don’t stay on, so i wouldn’t bother using them again.

We recently purchased this item to go along with a new 60″ dlp set and for the price it fits the bill is more than sturdy enough to hold our tv along with movies and vcr/dvd and blu-ray players, however it would have been nice if the center space was slightly deeper to accomodate an audio receiver. Also the shelves work fine for dvd movies but are not tall enough for “classic disney” vhs tapes so we ended up putting all of those in the drawers which are now a bit of a pain to get out when our daughter wants one from the back of the drawer. As for the drawers, i would have preferred hinged doors with an adjustable shelf inside now after trying to get stuff in and out of the drawers but again for the price, i can live with it.

This tv unit is very solid and looks good.

Nice tv stand, easy to put together. Once you get rid of all the styrofoam particals you have a durable nice stand.

Prefect addition to my new tv.

Fit my 60inch vizio perfectly. Love the drawers and the space for some decor. The cat loves the spaces too.

Walker Edison 58″ Black Wood Storage Tv Cabinet

I was looking for a stand to accommodate my 47″ that also provided storage and this was the perfect solution. It was very easy to put together with the enclosed instructions and provided allen wrenches. My only complaints are, in some cases, the bolts requiring allen wrenches didn’t screw in as tightly as i would have liked. Also, the provided stickers to cover exposed bolts to match with the wood grain don’t adhere well so most fell off within a few days. The stickers were optional in the first place so it wasn’t a big deal, just something to note.

I got this package in good shape. I am very happy to have it in my living room. It matched very nicly with my new 60 inch tv. No probblem in assambling it. Over all an outstanding wood stand.

Excellent quality for the price. I’ve seen other places list this at hundreds of dollars more for the exact same product.

Took a few hours for the hubby to put it together but a very nice, sturdy piece. Drawers have lots of room and plenty of space for tv and other knickknacks.

Design is great, looks nice, but the assembly got a little sketchy at a few points. I am very proficient with putting furniture together, most of our house is ikea and i love building the stuff. In comparison, the ikea furnitue goes together much simpler and easier than this did, but i don’t regret the purchase. I would consider buying again.

Little difficult to assemble. It does take some patience and some close attention to make sure you don’t mess up. You can easily get parts backwards if you don’t pay close attention. Additionally, there is this bolt that it uses for the entire setup that isn’t easy to work with. It basically acts like a locking piece. But i broke one out of frustration (luckily it came with spares). But it has to be installed differently from the recommended way. If you need a better explanation please ask, kinda hard to understand until you see it. And lastly, the stickers given to cover the holes where screws go suck.Seriously i put that stickers on and by the time i put the last sticker on the first ones started coming off.

This tv stand very heavy and steardy. It was supper easy to put together even through there are hundreds of pieces. This is the first time i built something without having to go back and do something again. Im not sure if this is ‘wood’ exactly. Looks like particle board with laminate. But over all very nice and holds my 52inch very well. It did have a corner that the ‘paint’ or ‘laminate’ fell off but it was an inside piece so i cant really see it. I would buy again and recommend it to anyone. Its priced very well for the size.

The entertainment center looks ok now that we’ve put it together, but the materials feel cheap, even for flat-pack furniture. If this were a $100 entertainment center, i’d forgive it, but given the price, i’d actually send this back if it weren’t more hassle to do so than it would be worth. Assembly is an exercise in frustration. I’m not much for the cam-bolt style of flat-pack construction, but this entertainment center takes it to a new level with a ‘double-cam’ connection to tie together two levels. The problem is that for this to work, the holes in the support brackets would have to be drilled with exquisite precision. They aren’t, which results in a lot of cursing as cam locks refuse to turn. Some of the laminate was already peeling from pieces as we unpacked, and a few pieces were noticeably scratched. With a little clever thought, you can turn a lot of these pieces to the inside so they’re not visible, but it’s still annoying.

I bought this stand for a new 55′ tv. Assembly time was about an hour and it’s a solid piece of furniture. I like the easy access to components on the shelf, the storage drawers, and the extra dvd storage on the sides. My decor is contemporary/eclectic and it looks great with everything – however, this would probably work with any decor.

Walker Edison 58″  Wood Storage Tv Cabinet :

Stand has a nice dark color and plenty of storage. Easy to assemble, did take a little while with all the cam locks. Box had shipping damage which scared me but once open you could tell the packaging was top notch and there was no damage to the wood pieces, everything inside is well protected, 5 stars.

I am happy that the stand looks just like the picture and fits in well in my downstairs family room,.

Fits it the space we have, and looks really nice.

I consider it very inexpensive and it holds my 60′ tv like a champ and still has about 1. 5-2 inch space on each side. My only wish is that the pre made holes weren’t so high. For me having only a direct tv genie box and a ps3 it showed the holes clear as day with both items next to each other. I ended up stacking the ps3 on top of the genie to try and hide the holes and chords. On the plus side the stand in low to the ground which is amazing. I do not see any of the chords behind my tv when sitting down. Also the side compartments are really great for such things as our remote control chargers and other things, because they can charge and be out of view. For the price, i am very impressed and the over all install took us only about 45 minutes.

Cleans up easy, and very sturdy.

The stand was relatively simple to assemble, although some of the lock screws to easy to confuse in terms of size; the stand looks nice and can support at least a 100 pound flat panel tv (mine is around that weight). Don’t expect real wood for this price point; the material was of course compressed particle board, but seemed to be of good quality. I would recommend this product for any tv up to 65 inches.

A lot of storage, looks like its higher quality than it is. Took a long time to put together, and there were broken styrofoam pieces around my house for days, but it looks nice and is pretty sturdy. Giving 4 stars because one of the drawers doesn’t fit perfectly, and is kind of wonky.

This tv stand is heavy, but its weight makes it feel solid, and i was impressed that the back panels are made of the same material as the rest of the stand instead of the cheap the glossy cardboard i assumed it would have. I also loved that the tracks for the drawers were pre-installed and work perfectly. All of the pieces to this stand were packed nicely in the box and arrived undamaged. They even included extras of some of the hardware. However,i would knock off half of a star for the fact that attaching the top board was challenging, and we could not get the left side of it flush to the back piece (as a detail-oriented person, the 1/4 inch gap bothers me). All in all, i highly recommend this tv stand.

Came very well packaged no damaged whatsoever. Instructions were relatively easy to understand and each piece was labeled clearly. The hardware the item comes with; while also labeled clearly the set is absolute crap quality. The screw locks it came with i managed to break 6 of them while barely using any force to lock the screws in place. The screw bolts also stripped easily. The allen key was also hopeless as it wasnt really the right fit, use your own to prevent stripping. Some of the screw holes were not dripped deep enough too. With a little bit of alteration and a lot of wood gorilla glue i was able to get this item assembled. After assembly the overall look and sturdiness is great, just need to work on the hardware bits.

Features and Spesification

  • Supports TVs up to 65″
  • Storage drawers and side shelving
  • High-Grade MDF construction
  • Spacious open shelving
  • Ships ready to assemble

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