Tue. May 17th, 2022

Thunderstorm warning for the weekend

Highs can reach 25 degrees over the weekend, but there are thunderstorm warnings.

BBC weather forecaster Nick Miller says it will rain in many parts of the country today, but not as much as Wednesday.

“The rain reached the driest southern parts of the UK on Wednesday,” he said.

“The system is now clogged and some southern regions are having mostly dry days on Thursday, while northern regions close to the weather front will see more rain, especially across Scotland and especially in the West.

“As the weather cools, dry weather will begin. Temperatures will be in the single digits and some rural areas will be slightly lower, but first there will be a lot of sunshine and some areas will see clouds. Increasing but with rain from those clouds everywhere. It is not.

“A few showers in Northern Ireland in the morning and will continue into the afternoon. Wetter northwest Scotland will spread more widely across western Scotland. There will be some rain later. Further east in the afternoon.

“Weird showers in Wales and southwest England, more clouds in the afternoon than in the morning across Wales and England, warm days in the east and southeast that remain dry with some clear orders compared to Wednesday. Rain.”

Regarding the weekend, Mr. Miller continued: “It will be pleasantly warm, especially in the sunlight, close to high pressure, but that’s not all.

“Saturday, Saturday night and Sunday we will see the first showers. Some thunderstorms are coming from the south into parts of England and Wales, with some returning on Sunday nights and Monday mornings.”

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