Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

For full coverage of the end Ro v. WadeSee our special report.

For the first time in the country’s history, the Supreme Court stripped away a fundamental constitutional right that it had previously recognized.

Ro v. Wade And Planned Parenthood vs. Casey Are dead, taking the right to abortion with them.

We are officially living in a post.cotton wool World

Knowing that this day will come does not make it easy to put reality into practice. it is difficult. It’s dark. But after such a devastating loss of sovereignty and humanity in the Supreme Court, as trivial as it may seem, the battle is not over and I, for one, am leaving. no where Until it is over.

cotton wool has gone. The chaos has just begun.

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Let’s get to the basics. Friday’s decision 6-3 Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization It is devastating for millions of people in this country, the rule of law and our democracy. Six unelected judges refused to testify to the constitution, the will of the people, and the swearing in of their own senate that abortion has no constitutional right.

According to the publication, nine of the 13 states have imposed “trigger” bans on their books – Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Utah, and Wisconsin – already criminalize abortion within their boundaries. Have declared The other four states will soon follow suit. By the end of the summer, abortion will be illegal in most parts of the country. And in those states where rights remain, access will be narrowed in unimaginable ways, meaning no state is safe for abortion.

And while Justice Samuel Elliott may have promised in his majority opinion that the ruling did not in fact threaten other fundamental rights to privacy, such as contraception, sexual privacy, and marital equality, Justice Clarence Thomas said in his unanimous opinion. , Specifically said. Present a test case in court to challenge each of these rights on conservative lawyers.

This is the beginning of a new Puritanism in this country, which was started by the Elliott Court.

But like this country’s past Puritanism, enforcing this modern version will require state violence. So I think it makes sense that the court reversed. cotton wool Just 24 hours after release New York Rifle State Rifle and Pistol Association v. BrownA decision that radically redefines the Second Amendment, which in practice needs to be carried out in hiding in this country.

Conservatives viewed the impending pure violence as they passed a law banning abortion as early as six weeks and giving city guards the power to enforce it. The Supreme Court suggested that Texas was just the beginning when it allowed SB8 to operate under cover of darkness last September.

And now we know it was.

When I first started covering the fight for abortion rights in the Supreme Court, my writing would sink deeper into both the legal arguments and the political battle. Previous editors have gently or unintentionally cut out blocks of legal terms that I have insisted are important and can be explained to non-lawyers. But honestly, I loved writing them.

I can’t do that with him Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. The majority opinion is an exercise in heretical jurisprudence – and a political campaign to take the case to court and present it for change – or to challenge it directly. cotton wool A joke that I have nothing more to do with virtues. By saying this effectively, the majority is snatching away the interests of the constitutional dependence of millions of people in this country. Hahaha, actually, you’re not at all.

The common denominator, as predicted, is readable. Not only have Justin Stephen Breyer, Elena Kagan, and Sonia Sotomayor seized the naked power of Alito’s cherry-picked originality and conservative majority, but they also detail the real damage already done thanks to Alito’s bloodthirsty Coming up

“Power, not reason, is the new currency of this court’s decision-making,” the dissenting judges wrote, quoting Justice Thurgood Marshall.

Power, not reason – this is what is considered the constitutional rule of law in the elite court.

Disagreement continues:

Mississippi – and other states – know exactly what they are doing to address the new legal challenges for Roe and Casey. The 15-week ban was imposed in 2018. Other states followed suit immediately: between 2019 and 2021, eight states banned the practice of abortion six to eight weeks after conception, and three states imposed all restrictions. Mississippi itself decided in 2019 that it had not gone far enough: a year after the law was enacted, the state passed a six-week ban. A state senator who supported both Mississippi laws made it clear. “[A] A lot of people thought, “He explained,” After all, we have “a conservative court” and so now would be a good time to start examining Ro’s boundaries. In its request for confirmation, the state had shown restraint. He urged the court to simply roll back Roe and Casey, specifically assuring the court that “the questions posed in this petition do not require the court to remove these precedents.” But as Mississippi became more confident in her prospects, she decided to do her best. He cried in court and insisted on dismissing Casey. Nothing but everything will be enough.

Nothing but everything will be enough. And that’s all there is to the anti-election movement after this decision. Don’t be fooled that Friday marked the end of some fighting by the anti-election movement. On the contrary, a whole new front has just opened.

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We know we have a long way to go. And sitting down with that decision may make you feel like you’re lost, but we’re here for you and not going anywhere. You can count on us to continue our reliable journalism so that you are always informed.

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