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Not so long ago, the British who favored a traditional burial seldom chose their own burial. However, in-person funeral services are becoming increasingly popular today, according to the most recent funeral industry survey. This is the case for both direct cremation and direct in-store services. Why did the British begin to opt for a larger number of direct funerals instead of arranging more traditional funerals?

cheap funeral

One of the reasons people choose the funeral of a deceased friend or family member is that it is very inexpensive compared to traditional funerals. If you bury yourself, mourners will not be present when the coffin is placed in the tomb. You do not need to hire an officiant to provide services or supervise work in advance. The same goes for makeup. So direct funeral costs are a fraction of the average service cost in the UK today, which is around £4,500.

a mournful funeral

Some say they want a funeral in person because they don’t want to make a big fuss when they die. Those who do not seek the attention of others in their lives often do not find a good reason to ask many people to come to mourn when they have passed away. Therefore, they sometimes state in their wills that they wish to have the funeral in person, so that their savings can be passed on to those left behind. If some of the traditions surrounding common funeral services mean little to you, why not opt ​​for something simpler instead?

celebration of life

For some, the rituals associated with traditional funeral rites are celebrated because they are too close to the death of a loved one. Therefore, they prefer to perform a simple burial or cremation to dispose of the deceased’s body, followed by a memorial service or perpetual ceremony a month or so later. While many people agree that this allows for meaningful mourning, they express their appreciation for the life and legacy of the deceased in a way that traditional ceremonies cannot.

prepaid funeral

Finally, many people today want to pay for their funeral in advance. According to Newrest Funerals, a funeral planning company that offers direct funeral prepaid plans, most customers who sign up for such plans do so because they lock their costs at current prices. In other words, by directly paying the funeral expenses in installments, you can settle the bills in advance without worrying about the cost increase due to inflation. Many in the industry will agree that this is a factor likely to make direct funerals more popular in the next few years.

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