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Now that travel restrictions seem to be lifted, many families are planning a Florida vacation they’ve been putting off for since the summer of 2020 when the world was finally in lockdown mode. Sadly the summer of 2021 hasn’t been very good, but I promise this summer will be a safe travel summer if Omicron lets his cousins ​​stay at home! With that said, why Central Florida? There are several good reasons for recommending the central part of the state as a travel destination.

Florida’s Herbs

In a country where tourism is the top industry, it makes sense to stay central. You can reach your destinations north or south in half a day or less by car from any point in the state’s centre. Depending on the length of your stay, you can do and see more if you stay at the center of the activity. But central Florida has so many things to do and see that you may not venture far north or south. Because day and night there is so much to do right there.

amazing accommodation

While literally all the trendy hotels are close to the state’s many theme parks and major attractions, it’s a good idea to book your own self-catering villas. There are several reasons for this. While coming to Sunshine State to take the kids to the theme parks and spend time on the great beaches on both shores, there’s not much time to relax among the crowds that come for the same reason. have. It makes the most sense to rent a private villa.

Florida Villas provide a place to relax between the sights without someone banging through your hotel room door while trying to relax before visiting the next attraction. It’s also cheaper if you can eat at least two meals at ‘home’ every day and only eat at trendy restaurants as part of your planned itinerary. In fact, Ocean Florida offers great Florida villa deals that will save you more money you can spend on entertainment while you’re there. Ocean Florida is an independent Florida vacation company based in the UK that offers a variety of services in addition to helping you book vacation villas. For the comfort of home and a private pool, book your villa through Ocean Florida.

Theme parks and major attractions

Disney World was once a major attraction in central Florida, but since then so many amazing attractions have popped up around it, so you can stay for months without experiencing it all. To see how many theme parks and major attractions there are in the heart of the state, check out:

  • Disney World (Magic Kingdom Theme Park)
  • Epcot Center
  • universal studios florida theme park
  • disney animal kingdom
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • Sea World Orlando
  • Bush Gardens, Tampa Bay
  • legoland
  • Universal’s Island of Adventure
  • Kennedy Space Center
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

And they are just ‘some’ of the main attractions in the area. Many tourists find the allure of the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad a rather ludicrous contradiction in terms of it. It’s actually the only ‘mountain’ visible in the state as there is nothing above sea level. There are no mountains in Florida!

When you want to spend the day away from ‘home’

It is only a few hours drive from the central part of the state where the villa is located to the northern or southernmost part of the state. Traveling south, you’ll find that Miami has several points of interest you’ll want to explore.

Just as visitors to California seek out celebrity hangouts for food or shopping, you can find them in South Beach. You can find these South Beach regulars:

  • Lindsay Lohan
  • Madonna
  • Paris Hilton
  • U2 (Sonny Bono et al.)
  • Giselle
  • Gloria Estephan
  • Jimmy Buffet

Even Beyonce and Jay Z have been spotted in South Beach, with countless celebrities calling Florida home. You can remember Johnny Depp started out as an actor in Broward County, just north of the Miami Dade. So it’s unlikely we’ll see Johnny reminiscing in a land with celebrity roots.

Top attractions in South Florida

While you’re in that area of ​​the state, you’ll want to check out some of the sights there. What if you could travel to Florida without visiting Key West, where so many movies have been shot that you can’t list them all? Key West was the home of one of America’s favorite writers, Ernest Hemingway. Here you will find Hemingway’s house and museum, and one thing you can learn from it is his love for cats. Don’t be surprised to see their great, great, great, great (over generations) cat grandchildren roaming around!

And there is the Biscaya Museum and Gardens, which was home to James Dearing in the early 19th century.Work century. Recognizable by the names associated with the Deering Harvester line of agricultural machinery, some of which have been sold across Europe. This particular attraction has an uninteresting history in that much of the house is built of Cuban limestone. A guided tour of the grounds reveals that the young James saw it as a place to promote local plants and that Vizcaya Gardens was born. It can be said that Dearing was an early environmentalist who brought new understanding to the field.

Don’t forget Fort Lauderdale, which has earned a reputation as a destination for students from all over the world to celebrate spring break. That tradition is still practiced today. If you’re visiting Florida in the spring, it’s one of those events you shouldn’t miss, even after a long day of beach fun. You may remember seeing the classic early 1960s movie Where Boys Are, starring Connie Francis and bathing beauty Yvette Mimieux. The film is still playing on streaming media and has a rightful place in the history of cultural photography at the time. You can see the place where it was filmed about 60 years later.

It’s time to travel north!

With so much to see and do in South and Central Florida, don’t forget that Northern Florida is also just a short drive from the state’s central villa. But the sights in the north of the state aren’t as flashy as you’ll find in the south. The main attractions in the north are:

  • Henderson Beach State Park – Destin
  • Devil’s Millhopper’s Ancient Sinkhole – Gainesville
  • Jacksonville Zoo – Jacksonville
  • Florida Museum of Natural History, Butterfly Rainforest – Gainesville

Here are some special interests. First, you’ll notice that two of North Florida’s main attractions are in Gainesville. It’s interesting that Gainesville is a college city, so many of its restaurants and bars cater to a college student age group. Surprisingly, two of Gainesville’s attractions are outdoors. Of the two, the Butterfly Rainforest welcomes more visitors and is one of the most family-friendly attractions in the state.

If you want to spend a day in the sun without the hustle and bustle of the central and southern states, Henderson Beach State Park is a great place to visit. But there is another major attraction that moms will enjoy more, and that will be all Destin’s stores. This is the place to shop for high quality designer items at affordable underground prices. Are you looking for some trinkets like those designer bags that you have your eyes on? Destin’s Silver Sands Premium Outlets finally has 94 stores. So it could be an all-out war that determines park hours and shop hours!

it’s time to say goodbye

Now you can see why booking a villa in Central Florida is perfect for a long and beautiful American vacation. You’ve been wanting to plan this for more than two years and now that 2022 is here, you won’t be waiting any longer. Even if the covid is still lurking somewhere in the background, the suggested places mentioned above to find a Florida villa are also places to learn what you need to know from the ‘post covid’ timeline, so don’t worry too much. It may be time to say goodbye to this year, but I can guarantee you’ll be back in the near future and soak up a little more of the world-famous rays only in the Sunshine State.

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