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In 2022, more than three-quarters of us will spend money changing or improving real estate, and more than 50% are the result of spending more time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. For some, it means excitedly embracing a new soft furniture or houseplant trend (houseplant sales in the UK have increased by 10-15% per year since 2013!). For others, larger renovations, such as extensions or loft conversions, require more investment.

But choosing between the two can be difficult. The money you are investing in is not a small amount. About £21,000 – £44,000 loft conversions (average) and £30,000 – £60,000 home extensions (average). So, you can’t really make decisions on a whim. Not to mention the time, energy and chaos associated with home repairs.

However, there are clear signs that a loft conversion is a better choice. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between the two and why a loft conversion is better for your home.

What is the difference between a loft conversion and a home extension?

A home extension is a single or multi-storey addition to a property that extends its footprint. Usually this is at the back towards the garden, but it can be anywhere on the home-owned land that extends to any part of the property as long as it is safe and legal.

A loft conversion is a conversion of the existing space between the top floor ceiling and the roof. It does not use external garden space and sometimes has to meet building codes, but it can be done at all without a planning permit.

Why choose a loft conversion over a home extension?

Each home and family has different needs. However, in some situations, a loft conversion makes more sense. Let’s take a look at loft conversions and see why they can be a better option for your home compared to home extensions.

I just choose the extension because of usability.

There is a little myth that home extensions are for any kind of usable space you want, but loft extensions are only useful if you want to add a bedroom. Actually, this is not true at all.

For this reason, if you opt for an extension, you’ll be happy to know that a loft conversion can be more than just a bedroom. Skylight conversion is the most limited and can only provide space for one room. However, all other types of conversions can typically include en suite bathrooms, and things like large L-shaped conversions can also include kitchens or kitchenettes, en suite bathrooms, living areas, etc. So, check with a professional loft renovation company about the possibilities before making a decision.

Planning permission is an obstacle

For home extensions and attic conversions, building codes must be met and a planning permit is usually required for the home extension. However, some loft extensions do not require a planning permit and the design falls under what is called a development permit. This makes the job much faster and easier overall.

The best news is, Professional Loft Renovation Company We will guide you through the whole process to make sure you have all the paperwork ready before the job starts.

you want to save space in the garden

During the pandemic, we’ve all become much more aware of just how precious our own outdoor space really is.

Over 7 million people have started gardening, which is known to be very beneficial to mental and physical health. Others have tried bird watching or simply cuddled up in the garden, read a book, or sunbatheed. A small piece of openness and freedom at a time when the world is very closed and closed.

The garden has not lost its value since the peak of the epidemic. In fact, garden space is more valuable than ever, and after the pandemic, we can see a 7% increase in the value of a home just by taking good care of the garden. Specifically in London, searches for the word ‘garden’ on real estate sites increased by 20%.

If there’s one thing that expansion has an impact on, it’s your garden space. To increase a property’s footprint, it must occupy a portion of the land. Attic conversions do not do so because they are stacked, not simply built. So, if you want to cling to this precious piece of nature, a loft conversion is a natural choice.

you don’t have a garden

1 in 8 UK homes do not have a garden, increasing to 1 in 5 in London. That means you need to expand and you love the place you live in, but you may feel stuck because you don’t have room to expand. Luckily, a loft conversion allows you to extend upwards in London and you don’t have to worry about getting in your way due to running out of garden space.

you don’t want much disturbance

You often have to move out of your home when there is a home extension, potentially for several months or more than a year if you have completed a large extension. This is often not the case with loft conversions, but it doesn’t take too long if you need to move while the job is done.

time is a factor

Overall, the time it takes to convert a loft is shorter than an extension because no foundations or other foundations need to be added before the building begins. Of course it depends on the type of conversion and a professional loft conversion company can give you an estimate of the conversion you are considering. But overall, if time is a factor, then conversion might be the right path for you.

You are looking for the best boost in home value

Although it can often be mistakenly assumed that an extension will add more value to your home than an attic conversion, this is not necessarily the case. An extension can add about 5-8% to your home’s value, while a loft conversion can add 20% to your home’s value, depending on the type you choose.

Of course, every property is different, every situation is different and the only way to really know is to get a quote and talk to a real estate agent to get an idea of ​​the numbers. However, it is important not to make any assumptions. This is because a loft conversion can have a very large impact on home value and many factors affect the estimated value increase far beyond the type of home improvement that is added.

Why not contact a professional loft renovation company for a quote?

There are many reasons why an attic remodel may be the right choice for a home remodel, but the fact is that it is individual for each family and home as to what is right. The first step is to ask a professional loft renovation company for a quote so they can understand what is possible and how the renovation can truly change the function and usefulness of your home.

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