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Do you want to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your smile? Modern dentistry has great solutions. Dental implants can work miracles with your teeth and restore their lost original function. These amazing results can only be achieved by choosing the right center and dentist. With so many dental centers to choose from, doing it alone is not easy. To do this, you have the option to go abroad to get implants and save money. Why not use the services of Bookimed, a free healthcare platform that helps people worldwide find trusted and qualified clinics? You must book a dental treatment free of charge by visiting the official site ( Booked-out patients claim that Turkey is the best destination for getting dental implants.

Dental Implant Overview

Dental implants are the preferred option if the patient has one or several missing teeth. Only dental prosthetics can give permanent, natural results. Dental bridges are a thing of the past, and modern clinics recommend implants as the best alternative. Your dentist will reconstruct both the tooth crown and the root before inserting the dental implant. Patients with damaged or completely missing teeth should not hesitate for even a second and start their Turkey trip through the Bookimed platform.

Dental implant systems are well developed, simple, safe and convenient. This is your chance to create natural, healthy and beautiful teeth. Bookimed works with trusted manufacturers and clinics that deal with surgeons who can provide warranties for their implant systems. The doctor of your choice uses high-quality ingredients that guarantee great results for your dental treatment. Most dental centers in Turkey use Novell Biocare dental implants. The success rate is 93%, the best of the best.

Turkish health system level

The Turkish government places the healthcare sector as a top priority. You won’t find a wider selection of private clinics with qualified doctors and caring staff as in Turkey. It also has a lower price compared to the US, Canada, UK and most Western European countries. Turkey’s Ministry of Health is convinced that the health of its citizens and foreign patients is a top priority. The government spends 77 billion lira annually on the health sector.

The results of such a wise approach are impressive. Patients from all over the world have access to 28,000 medical clinics and provide high-quality health care. Bookimed works with dentists and physicians who have international certificates proving the safety and quality of their work. The international certificate index obtained by Turkish medical professionals is one of the largest in the world.

You can find a lot of information at Compare clinics, facilities, medical staff, offer prices, etc. to make your selection easier.

Turkey is a leader in medical and dental tourism

Medical tourism is a highly competitive niche market. And Turkey is committed to providing advanced medical services at reasonable prices. The Bookimed team partners with Turkey’s top doctors and centers with internships at well-known American/European institutions. Bookimed receives online requests from patients in the US, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Jordan and more who trust Turkish dentists. You can also opt for an all-inclusive package for your comfort and safety. Affordable prices, friendly medical staff and all-inclusive service make Turkey very attractive to people from all over the world. Did you know that more than 1 million medical tourists visit this country every year? Don’t miss the opportunity to install dental implants and save up to 50% on dental services.

How can the Bookimed team help medical tourists?

Bookimed has an excellent reputation in the global medical tourism market. More than 9,000 patients send requests online every month. Below you can find a list of services that the platform offers absolutely free.

  • Extensive clinic selection

Bookimed works with over 810 clinics in over 35 countries. Patients can choose the best option for their dental implants or other medical needs. Compare prices and choose the cheapest option.

Medical coordinators help patients find the most qualified and experienced dentists and clinics. Don’t hesitate to ask for the best dental program that fits your budget. The team provides answers to all your questions about dental implants.

Patients who arrange dental treatment through Bookimed are never alone. You will have a 100% excellent experience during your dental trip.

Patients are not charged for medical consultations or travel arrangements!

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