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Public school is a difficult place for children these days. There should be a school where children try to learn algebra and do not embarrass themselves in front of their choice. Instead, they will have to navigate mask-wielding, rampant bullying, learning disabilities, and staff shortages.

Needless to say, they are now part of a race that is nuclear and traumatized by epidemics, just trying to figure out how to learn together and become a community again. Whether we’ve burned all our masks in catharsis or shaken up the N95s, most of us just want our students (and teachers!) To get everything they need. Needed to recover and thrive again.

But not all of us.

Across the country, far-right political operators are taking advantage of this moment of academic frustration – and using a familiar tactic. These unscrupulous actors have turned parents against teachers, distracting us all and shouting at our neighbors as they impose their agenda of total retreat on public school students across the country. ۔ And they are covering up this nude campaign against the youth under the banner of defending “Parental Rights”.

Roe has fallen in Texas, and this is just the beginning.

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Parents have important rights when it comes to their child’s education – and should be. They already have the right to receive all kinds of information from teachers and administrators, the right to select people for the Board of Education overseeing schools, and the right to exclude their children from certain classes and activities. Is. Some can choose between public school and home schooling, and those who can afford it have the right to send their children to private school. This is what makes “Parental Rights” such an effective rhetoric: it fits into a frame that already makes sense to most people.

But the cry of this particular rally is deeply rooted in the racist history of the “School of Choice” movement, which has to do with at least the efforts of white parents to prevent their children from going to school with colorful children. Brown v. Board of Education. And the good news is that if you meet someone today who is shouting about parental rights, they are not really fans of public schools.

Many of those who demand their “parental rights” to control the curriculum of every public school student send their children to private schools already, and most of them “choose school.” “Under the guise of destroying our entire public school system. “So I’m going to stop using their pet phrase from here, and instead refer to them more accurately as the Anti-Public School Lobby (APSL).

Most of us want this generation and the generations to come to thrive, instead of the red-faced reactionaries fearing losing their grip on power.

The fact that the “rights” advocates of APSL are specifically (but not always) spoken of for white, self-conscious, upright parents, is not difficult to see in their actions – their pet law. Their children, and their children’s peers, learn their own history to make sure that color harms the rights of color parents. APSL is also trying to make it illegal for students to recognize that their parents are LGBTQ +. And the laws that are restricting the rights of the majority of parents who want their children to have a standard relationship and receive full sex education in school – an education that is not coincidental, to reduce bullying and sex. Has been proven. Violent, improving academic performance, and strengthening the mental health of young people, many things they urgently need now.

The real agenda of the APSL is nowhere near as clear as in Texas, where the same hard-line forces that rely on parental rights arguments to censor anything in the public school curriculum that children know about themselves I was able to help them learn to think and interact with each other. They are also doing everything in their power to end the right of parents to support, nurture and protect their transgender children.

If parents have so much control over their children that they can only change the whole school curriculum by changing their “right”, then surely parents have the basic right to provide their children with the necessary medical care. As the American Pediatric Academy suggests. , Okay fine? no way. Instead, these perceived advocacy of parents is about government intervention to suddenly “protect” children from their parents.

In parallel with the APSL campaign, there has been an increase in right-wing rhetoric about child abuse. Spreading fears about child abuse and advocating for an agenda that actively harms children is characteristic of the QAnon mob, as we recently heard Supreme Court confirmation hearings by Judge Ketan G. Brown Jackson. Seen during

In recent years, “Protecting Children” has become a scary dog ​​whistle for these conspiratorial ideologues, who at times appear to be harassing the real world at the very sound of a call. But long before the invention of the Q, the protection of imaginary children served as an excuse for attacks that would otherwise be unprovable, ranging from opposition to gay marriage to women working outside the home. And to literally allow the government to leave their husbands on campaigns. Stealing local children from their families.

But while APSL is all about “protection” for children, the one thing the movement never cares about is children. Rights. They are happy to use some vulnerable young people as a convenience, but the last thing they want is for young people to have real power – the power to know the truth about our racist past and present, to understand the infinite. The power of gender and the potential for change of acquaintance, the incredible power that can impart a quality relationship and sex education to a young person.

It is worth repeating: children who get good sex aids perform better academically. The risk of experimentation is low. Real Child abuse, bullying, and gender based violence; Are more equal; And if they see someone being harassed or abused, they are more likely to be effective. Not coincidentally, there are children who know their rights. Quality Sex Aid teaches them that their body is theirs, that they have the right to set boundaries with other people, and that they deserve a happy and healthy relationship. Children who get good sex aid are not the only ones who are safe. They are stronger, more sympathetic, and invest more in each other. And they are less likely to compete with those who want to control, exploit or manipulate them.

It is not surprising that conservatives are doing anything to stop this kind of education. Not surprisingly, they have used our tax dollars to fund the very opposite in the form of austerity – just “education”, the kind that teaches pre-oppressed children – colorful and / Or girls, weird, and trans kids in particular – internalizing shame and accepting abuse. The Conservative Project seeks to “secure” a structure of power that relies on oppressed children who grow up compliant in oppressed adults and never complain. Teaching children about their own strengths will upset their whole plan, which is why they are all on the “rights” of the parents, but never the rights of the youth.

And that’s why we need to teach children about their own strengths. It’s easy to imagine the current “school wars” if we are not in school or raising someone who is. But I can’t think of a more revolutionary force than a whole generation of young people who grow up knowing their history, power, identity, and emotional landscape, and the connection between differences and the importance of community. And most of us want this generation and the generations to come to thrive, instead of the red-faced reactionaries fearing losing their grip on power.

So let’s act like that. Let’s show up and talk at school board meetings, vote in school board elections – heck, let’s some of us run for school board. After all, wouldn’t anyone think of children?

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