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The leak of the draft Supreme Court opinion confirms that the court is ready to bring conservative supremacy. Cotton vs. Wadee By the end of summer. Abortion laws will be determined on a state-by-state basis without any federal constitutional reservations.

By removing the federal constitutional protection of abortion rights, the court will create a way for state officials opposed to abortion to restrict access to abortion, including making the life of a pregnant woman equal to that of her fetus. Is. States like Oklahoma are already pushing for such fetal “personality” legislation.

These “personality” bills are based on the “Human Life Amendment” and have been introduced hundreds of times in Congress and the state legislature. cotton wool Became law in 1973. The bill seeks to amend the constitution so that fertilized eggs are treated as human beings from the moment of conception and are given the full protection of the law. We are now seeing an increase in efforts at the state level to introduce such fetal “personality” laws, with five states introducing the bill this year. Additional states have sought to use or expand the definition of existing laws to include fetuses in their jurisdiction, such as murder or child abuse. The result is that any pregnant woman has to be in a hostile relationship with her own body and her health care providers have to become law enforcement agents.

As I have seen here in Ireland, there is a wide range of fetal “personality” laws that can be fatal to anyone who becomes pregnant. The emblem of the legislature, the embryonic “personality” in the crown of the pro-life movement, was included in the Irish constitution for more than three decades until voters abolished it in the 2018 national referendum.

Roe has fallen in Texas, and this is just the beginning.

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Ireland’s abortion rates were exported to England as thousands of people traveled abroad each year. Meanwhile, reproductive health care at home has made a difference. For example, during Ireland’s years of abortion ban, diagnostic tests for fetal abnormalities were largely unavailable. The argument was that if the knowledge of fetal abnormalities could lead a pregnant person to decide against the pregnancy in violation of the law, then why give them this information?

As a result, medical decision-making was removed from the hands of patients. In vitro fertilization was also present in an irregular Irish limbo – it was not clear which methods were legal, including how to dispose of embryos that were created by IVF but were never implanted in the uterus. (There were rumors of doctors shooting them in the services of people knowing they could not be transplanted.) We are now hearing reports of similar situations in the United States, such as pregnant women in Texas. Abortion is denied for ectopic pregnancy etc.

Fetal “personality” laws that prohibit abortion include limited exceptions only if the pregnant woman’s life is in danger. However, it is often impossible for medical providers to determine when someone’s life is in danger or whether it is “their” health that is at risk. But waiting for a patient’s health to decline for treatment is dangerous and immoral, and the effects can be devastating.

Laws that give the fetus “personality” endanger the management of abortions with fatal consequences. Swetha Halpanawar’s death made headlines when doctors delayed giving her proper medical treatment during a septic abortion because they could still detect the fetal heartbeat. By the time she worked, it was too late and Halapenawar had died of sepsis, leading to growing outcry over Ireland’s anti-abortion law. Polish activists have strongly protested the similar deaths of two pregnant women, one with twins, who were denied proper medical treatment due to Poland’s strict ban on abortion. An Oklahoma bill that defines abortion, which became law on Tuesday, could also ban ectopic pregnancy or abortion treatment.

By criminalizing abortion through fetal “personality” laws, we turn abortion into a criminal suspect, and condemn our racist criminal justice system. Even as cotton woolConcerns are still strong today that it is not uncommon for pregnant women to be prosecuted for potentially harmful behavior during pregnancy. Last month, an enthusiastic Texas prosecutor filed a murder charge against a Latina woman, Leslie Herrera, when she came to the hospital’s emergency room due to excessive bleeding during pregnancy.

Comanche Nation member Britney Polo, meanwhile, was sentenced to four years in prison for first-degree murder after she told healthcare providers she had used illegal drugs during pregnancy and 17 The miscarriage occurred in weeks. Although the exact cause of each miscarriage was not known, the message was clear: seek medical help for abortion, and you could be sent to prison.

The words “unborn man” in the draft judgment of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Elliott are terrifying. During the oral arguments in this case, Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health OrganizationJustice Clarence Thomas requested a Supreme Court case from South Carolina to indicate that cotton wool Pregnancy during a woman’s pregnancy will open the door to the state for its behavior. According to the National Advocates for Pregnant Women, approximately 1,200 women of disproportionate color in the United States have been prosecuted for their behavior during pregnancy in the last 15 years. Equating the life of a pregnant egg with the life of a pregnant woman may cause some forms of contraceptive pills to be out of the market and may even harm in vitro fertilization and stem cell research.

Some states have already appointed independent lawyers to represent the fetus. Alabama and Texas have offered to retain a fetal lawyer after seeking court permission for an abortion. Cross-state lines and your reproductive rights may fall below what previously existed. cotton wool.

Most importantly, giving a fertilized egg the same legal status as a pregnant person sends a damning message about how we view pregnant people. It allows states to ignore the human rights to freedom, equality, and physical integrity, rather than focusing on the role of one of the pregnant woman’s children in childbearing and rearing. And since you can’t always tell if the person standing next to you can get pregnant, a cigarette or a glass of alcohol in her hand can be considered evidence of a baby’s danger.

This is not a dystopian Netflix screenplay waiting to be ready. This program has already started. Many Americans did not know about the Texas SB8 until months after it was signed into law. Oklahoma’s abortion ban includes up to 10 years in prison. The Supreme Court will return abortion rights this year, and doing so will open the door to state-level fetal “personality” laws.

Let’s not get caught off guard. We need to sound the alarm right now and make sure that state legislators will value and support those who can conceive as full human beings – and not just those within them. For “possible life”.

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