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Spectators who watched Will Smith publicly slap Chris Rock at the Oscars last night called Jada Pinkett Smith’s hairstyle ‘GI Jane’.

But despite the initial public shock, the conversation turned to the reasoning behind the Oscar-winning act of violence.

Since revealing her battles in 2018, Jada has been publicly discussing the effects of hair loss on mental health, providing style inspiration with her stunning headscarf and cropped locks.

Last year, actress Matrix revealed the freshly shaved man on Instagram and described it as “time to let go” to say goodbye to the rest of the hair. Many fans praised the star for her bravery and embracing her baldness, showing that her hair loss is nothing to be ashamed of.

Hair loss can happen to anyone, young or old, at any time, and it is estimated to affect 8 million women in the UK.

Hair loss is an autoimmune disease that can cause hair loss not only on the scalp but also on the whole body. In some cases, the condition may only last a short time. Hair will grow back, but for many people hair loss is unfortunately permanent.

However, although hair loss is relatively common, it can be devastating, especially for people who have permanent hair loss.

Research shows that alopecia can have detrimental effects on mental health, and people who suffer often experience anxiety and depression, poor body image, and low self-esteem.

It’s clear that hair loss can be a soft topic rather than a mockery. Celebrities like Jada Pinkett Smith have become role models for others suffering from the same disease.

Here are some things patients can learn from Jada Pinkett Smith’s publicly discussed alopecia journey.

Sharing is caring

Since 2018, Jada has been candid about her experience with alopecia. Simply sharing your difficulties with loved ones can take a tremendous amount of weight off your shoulders.

In the sweet snaps shared on Instagram and family podcasts, it’s clear that Jada feels she can lean on and draw strength from her family when she needs help.

So tell others about your difficulties and remember that you are not alone. If you need more help and advice, organizations like Alopecia UK help people with alopecia to improve their lives and regain their confidence.

I think the styling would be really cool

Over the years we’ve seen some great looks from Jada Pinkett Smith.

From pixie cuts to turbans and headscarves, Jada shows that there are many ways to rock very short locks.

And now, shaving her hair only highlights her stunning facial features and shows off her beauty.

Find other ways to embrace beauty by taking inspiration from Jada’s daring looks and using accessories to add a very cute and feminine touch to your look.

Accommodating shorter locks should not be contraindicated.

Falling out hair can be fatal, but there is no need to feel embarrassed about short hair.

Uber’s short shaved hairstyle appeared on Vogue as celebrities like Lupita Nyong’o, Amber Rose and Kristen Stewart rocked their shaved heads.

Don’t be afraid to try something else. After all, some of the biggest hair trends of the year revolve around cuts!

be kind

Chris Rock’s mention of GI Jane may have triggered some people, as we know just how much alopecia can affect their self-esteem.

It’s important to keep in mind the emotions a person suffering from hair loss feels and how it affects their mental health.

And if you’re not sure what to say on this matter, don’t say anything.

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