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I can’t find anything wrong with it. Indoors, it can be used both during the day and at night. The outside is really nice at night but that’s what I expected. As you can see in the picture, the screen can be as large as you want it to be if you don’t mind losing a bit of sharpness. The sound is not bad, but for a better experience there is an audio jack for external speakers. I use mine with a firestick and the projector’s USB slot is sufficient to power the firestick so no extra plugs are needed. To be honest, if you want to live, just do it.

I’ve been looking for a great projector, but I couldn’t find a specific case for this item. Do you have one? If not, can I return it?.

I’ve spent quite some time researching a portable projector for camping trips. For the price, this is great. There are many claims about 1080, but it’s not 1080 native or “true HD”. This is it. Also, the brightness of this is good enough for you to find. We made a temporary screen in the tent and the projector had a built-in speaker so we could watch a soccer game with our friends. This is fine, but of course not good. However, by connecting a few Bluetooth speakers, you can have a cinematic experience. I’ve streamed from my iPhone and the setup that works best is pairing an apple HDMI dongle connected to the projector’s HDMI port with one of these connected to each other (via the phone app, in our case the ue boom speaker). It was. to the projector via 3.

I’m very happy with the projector working fine on my Amazon Firestick, but I’m having trouble trying to turn off the app on my iPad right now.

This is a great kit, and despite having a non-Android native os, it still provides. I almost procrastinated because I don’t have Bluetooth and Android OS, but when this arrived it was very easy to use and proved to have great images and good sound quality. miracast worked well even when the phone/tablet was not connected to normal wifi. Just scan your phone tablet and connect via screen sharing and more. The fire/now stick works perfectly with hdmi input and the sound is more than adequate for small speakers to overcome the small fan noise. It’s not quite as quiet as some, but it’s definitely not distracting and lacks Bluetooth. – Not really a problem – I bought the long 3.5mm leads to connect to external speakers or headphones. So there is no bluetooth lag as with some projectors. This is fixable, but annoying. My only real problem was raised by another reviewer in that the remote was very specific and didn’t seem to be infrared. I pair the remote via infrared, so it has a sensor, but so do some products because it seems to work through the wall. It could be another type of wireless protocol, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth. There is an email address on the back of the projector so you can get a replacement if the remote is lost or damaged. A quick fix is ​​to select hdmi from boot source in settings. This means the projector defaults to the hdmi screen when you turn it on, so if you lose the remote you can at least see it on a firestick or other hdmi source. Overall it’s a really good projector and it seems to have better resolution for viewing text in powerpoint/view etc etc when connected to a second computer screen than anything else I’ve tried (obviously an HD projector).

WIKISH Dlp Wifi Wireless Mini Projector for Smartphones - Great but bears one bug.

Best in dark rooms but great for daytime, compact, well built, easy to set up/use, great quality video presentations on phone (mirroring) over Wi-Fi and wireless PC screen sharing, etc.

I’ve tried a few mini projectors and they all fell below the default standard. Poor quality or fragile. This is a great projector for the price. Sturdy, well-made, bright screen, easy screen mirroring, good cabling via USB and HDMI, and acceptable onboard sound. Of course, for movie nights, it’s a good idea to plug in external speakers. You will enjoy the experience – 5 stars.

This projector does frame-packed 3d (what you call 3d aptly) so you can watch 3d blu-ray discs when you connect a 3d blu-ray player to the projector via hdmi. Works great with Fire TV sticks too. Picture quality is very good in dark or dimly lit rooms, and is reasonably accommodating during the day on overcast days with no sunlight coming in through the windows. The only major flaw I can find is that the remote seems to work over Wi-Fi and not infrared as stated in the description. The reason I’m saying this is because in another room on the other floor of the house I tried to turn on the projector using the remote control, but the projector stays on even though I can’t see it directly. I also tried to copy the signal from the remote to my learning remote (logitech harmonized) but it won’t pick up any signal so if you decide to buy this projector make sure you don’t lose or break the remote control because you are scuppered.

Great projector, picture quality is decent for its size and price point, the speakers are what you would expect to be small, but the setup is great if you just plug in external speakers. One bug bear is that the available screen sharing options are pretty bad, even in clean spaces where video and audio out-of-sync inferences don’t happen. But one hdmi cable categorizes it so it doesn’t really affect functionality.

Here are the specifications for: WIKISH Dlp Wifi Wireless Mini Projector for Smartphones:

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  • Super Mini Video Projector – only 17.5*10.7*3.1 cm and 0.97 lb (440g) – the PICO micro projector fits into shirt pockets, bags and more for indoor and outdoor entertainment. Cube-shaped ultra-slim like iPhone! Pretty portable. Equipped with an 8400mAh battery, this rechargeable smart projector provides 120 minutes of uninterrupted playback. Ideal for travel, camping, road trips, bedroom and garden movie nights.
  • DLP 1080P 3D Projector – Native 800p * 200” Image (3D) – Supported LED HD Projector 1080p provides clearer video. 3D projector with speaker brings the fun of 3D movies to any place (active shutter glass required). 3600lm, 7000:1 contrast and DLP technology display bright, grid-free photos even on walls. Enjoy your mobile cinema for zero dollars with this compact projector. Comfortable+, the diffuse light does not strain your eyes.
  • Multimedia Projector – Wireless and Wired Display – Wireless Wi-Fi Projector with airplay and miracast function can wirelessly transmit phone/iPad/laptop to 200″ screen. No need to buy an adapter, you can directly enjoy instant high-speed image transfer. Outdoor projectors with HDMI USB audio ports also interact with TV sticks, PCs, game consoles, USB sticks, and more. Easily sync TV shows and video games.
  • DIGITAL MOVIE PROJECTOR – vertical automatic keystone correction (±50°) – turn it on and enjoy! Intelligent keystone correction quickly matches projection angles and adjusts vertically skewed images within ±50° for a perfect hands-free display. Home Theater Projector Wide range 5-200” screen (0.13-6.4 m), short projection, cookie and cake decorating, sewing, painting, cooking, sports, golf and more.
  • Entertainment Projector – Cube projector with battery can be used while charging (green light: battery is full, can only be powered by mains power). Meanwhile, it is also a large capacity power bank for the phone. Flexible front/rear/ceiling projectors allow the whole family to stream movies in bed or on the sofa. Comes with: 90-Day Free Returns, 2-Year Warranty and Lifetime Technical Support. If you have any questions about this projector, please feel free to contact us.

WIKISH Dlp Wifi Wireless Mini Projector for Smartphones - Great but bears one bug.

Buyer Reviews:

  • The 3D on Blu-ray Disc is great.
  • Great image quality, don’t delay due to lack of Android/Bluetooth
  • fantastic portable projector

WIKISH Dlp Wifi Wireless Mini Projector for Smartphones - Great but bears one bug.

WIKISH Dlp Wifi Wireless Mini Projector for Smartphones - Great but bears one bug.

WIKISH Dlp Wifi Wireless Mini Projector for Smartphones - Great but bears one bug.

WIKISH Dlp Wifi Wireless Mini Projector for Smartphones - Great but bears one bug.

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