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PEMF therapy can play a very positive role in helping treat A-fib, atrial fibrillation, or AF. A major contributor to the role of PEMF in AF is the tendency regarding the early stages of the condition. This is due to the overall ability of PEMF therapy to reduce inflammation. Persistent AF with rapid heart rate or other types of complications requires significant treatment with current appropriate medical approaches. In that regard, PEMF may be beneficial in a variety of conditions when used in conjunction with conventional treatment options to increase its positive effects and reduce complexity.

The early stages of atrial fibrillation can also help with sudden conduction of the atria. Frequencies of PEMF below 1000 Hz may show that the heart’s intrinsic nervous tissue is disconnected and can reduce autonomous and unwanted AF additional conduction and excessive firing of nervous system control. of mind. This includes stems from the vagus and sympathetic nerves, which can induce the heart to respond to the stress it creates.

The goal of PEMF treatment

PEMF therapy targeting high- and low-intensity chests may prove to provide overall stability to the internal and natural pacemakers of the heart tissue. Because PEMF therapy can help slow the abnormal atrial pacemaker, pacemakers are not susceptible to stressful excitation, and more importantly, they are in the early stages of atrial fibrillation.

Overall stimulation of the chest not only supports remission of conduction abnormalities associated with AF, but also aids in the targeting of fibrosis, inflammation, and autonomic tissue remodeling in an individual. Because AF is almost always associated with inflammation and PEMF is reported to not only reduce, but also alleviate and support chronic inflammation, treatment with PEMF is beneficial in the treatment of AF. Actions can help reduce AF that is already present and can also help prevent AF development at a preliminary level.

Mechanisms and consequences of PEMF

You can use any type of PEMF on the chest area for at least 15 to 30 minutes each day. Then your body should rest. At this time, the maximum condition is also not well defined. Because the overall burden of inflammation involves systemic circulation, even a slight increase in abdominal fat and blood sugar levels can produce inflammatory molecules. These molecules can enter the circulatory system and affect the heart, and stimulation throughout the body could mean something of value.

Conclusions suggest that current knowledge of cardiac conditions when routinely used with atrial fibrillation generating, non-invasive, innovative PEMF stimulation may help prevent atrial fibrillation when used at frequencies below 2000 Hz and more specifically below 10 Hz. do. Fibrillation or AF. It can also help facilitate the medical therapy provided, allowing a more focused approach to condition management.

last word

Once AF is established, PEMF may help prevent the development of heart-related complications, even if anticoagulants must be used. Chest-facing PEMF may help slow the progression of complications and atrial fibrillation.

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