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With World Book Day fast approaching, you may be wondering how you can live the fairy tale magic with your child all year round. Well, we’ve put together some ideas of what you can and can do to create and do inspired by the characters in the book to help your child keep reading, and to keep the two of you discovering new worlds on and off the pages. help to do so. Read on to learn more.

Harry Potter – Making the Wand

Popular daycare chain Kiddi Caru says one of the ways reading can help your child is by increasing social and emotional development. through reading Harry Potter As children grow and read, they can better understand the real world, starting to understand complex relationships and topics not otherwise accessible in a safe and magical environment. Anything other than the first book may not be suitable for young children, but Wizarding World can be an enjoyable and welcoming environment for you and your children to discover.

To welcome you into this world, find a few sticks about 8 to 12 inches long and take them home where you can color and decorate them however you like. Then you can practice your fantastic spells and watch your child’s imagination be infused with magic.

cat with hat – all DIY hat

Doctor Seuss’ cat with hat It has been a rhyming classic among children for many years. Why not invent your own red and white striped hat to immerse your child in the story?

You will need:

• Plastic (or paper) cups

• Paper plate

• glue

• Paint

• string

Then simply paint the red and white stripes on the cup, attach it to the paper plate, and attach the string to the side. Your child is like a virtual cat hat. You’ll love reading Seuss’ amazing creations as your own.

Groupalo – A walk in the woods

The Groupalo is the story of a little mouse walking through a deep, dark forest. To help him on the way, he creates a fictional friend groupalo to scare away predators. This works until he meets Gruffalo, who actually threatens to eat the rat. Luckily, the rat outperforms the Gruffalo, convincing him that the little rat is actually the scariest animal in all the forest.

The moral of the story is to use your brain rather than your strength. So with this in mind, why not discover your very own Gruffalo with your baby while exploring the local forest? In fact, many real forests and parks create their own Gruffalo trails. At the time of writing, Northampton’s SalceyForest boasts a Super Worm trail based on another classic by Julia Donaldson.

The possibilities don’t end here! If your child likes fairy tales, you can hold hands and sing a fairy song, then build a fairy house and leave it in the garden or bake a chocolate cake like the one from The Show. Matilda. you can even enjoy the game Winnie the Pooh Inspired Poohsticks if you’re lucky enough to live near a bridge over the river. The possibilities are endless if you let your imagination run wild.

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