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The sound is too weak. Just like the sound of a television, I can only recommend this product with a more intense bass and sometimes exaggerated sound! Apple TV and music are pleasing to the ear. Better than my old speaker and I bought it for almost €230. As always, the delivery is fast and you receive a good product.

To be honest, I don’t really care much about soundbars, etc. I was looking for a 65″ TV and wanted good sound. Uncomplicated cables and as simple as possible. This soundbar from Yamaha promised all of this and kept that promise. Find the fantastic sound. Also the 3D effect persuaded me. I’m in the middle of a movie like Avengers right now. And thanks to the DTS, not only from the side, but actually from the top and the rear as well. I don’t know if they can do this with just one box, but it works. It’s not quite as good as a multi-speaker system, but it’s pretty much the same in my opinion. Subwoofers are also convincing. I can’t raise the bass anyway because I live in a pretty lord-like apartment. This compact solution is enough. easy operation. I only use the HandyApp for now, but I use the HandyApp because it gives you a better overview of what exactly you set up, how big your base is, and more. I think the price is right. I had a Denon soundbar for 1000 Euros at the time. I beat her in her contest. Compared to the new soundbar, Yamaha wins in every category. It’s nicely flat and fits perfectly under 65 inches. Daddy don’t hang him on the wall. So low was important. what else? Music from your tablet or phone sounds great too. The bass is not as loud as an external subwoofer. enough for me You can connect an additional subwoofer even if it is too small. Great portions at a reasonable price. Will buy again anytime.

The product adequately meets my needs. The downside is the bass. A separate subwoofer is required. The cost advantage is payable as long as there are no technical issues. I don’t think these problems will happen because of trust in the brand.

Easy to connect, perfect sound, great quality for the price! Excellent sound quality and the feeling of the “3D effect” of the soundbar. really good. I recommend it.

Yamaha Sr-B20a Soundbar Bluetooth Black

3D Virtual Surround Technology Virtual 3D surround sound provides a perfect sound experience. “DTS Virtual: X” is a virtual 3D surround mode that enhances the interaction of picture and sound by replicating the height direction of sound in addition to front/back and left/right. In addition to the sound that spreads back and forth, the sound that surrounds you from above is also noticeable. This allows you to experience the fullness of sound in movies and music more realistically. Easy to set up and easy to use. Mounting points for wall mounting. Elegant design in slim and compact form. A cleverly designed middle section is also harmoniously added right in front of the TV screen. Alternatively, you can also use attachment points to quickly and easily mount to the wall. You can transmit TV audio signals simply by connecting an HDMI cable that supports ARC (Audio Return Channel). When connected to a compatible TV, you can turn the device on and off, adjust the volume, change channels, and more. App “Sound Bar Remote”. The newly developed app “Sound Bar Remote” gives you full control over your entertainment. The app allows you to change channels, select sound modes, extend clear voice functions and bass, and turn your device on and off easily and intuitively right from the screen. smartphone or tablet. Crystal clear sound. Full bass response (2 integrated subwoofers, extended bass). An integrated 75mm (3-inch) dual subwoofer combined with a dual bass reflex connection ensures plenty of room-filling bass area. In addition, dual 55mm woofer units (2-1/8″) and two 25mm tweeters (1″) produce a wide range of well-balanced sound from bass to treble with superb quality.

Yamaha Sr-B20a Soundbar Bluetooth Black

Yamaha Sr-B20a Soundbar Bluetooth:

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