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SKY Q is full of options to give you the viewing experience that’s right for you, some even more important with a livelihood crisis.

Under the bonnet of the box there are several settings you can change for best results.

Make the most of your Sky Q box


Make the most of your Sky Q boxCredit: Alamy

So, try this little-known hack.

How to put Sky Q on standby when not in use

Due to the cost of living crisis, it’s a good idea to look at all your electronics and see if they’re wasting energy.

The Sky Q and Sky Q Mini have a convenient standby option that works when the box is not in use.

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Go to main to set it up. setting select a page Basic settingThen standby mode.

From there, you can choose from: eco, Active or doesn’t exist.

Sky’s recommended setting, Eco, goes into a low-power mode between 2:30 AM and 5:45 AM.

However, it will not start until the scheduled recording is complete.

An active, on the other hand, only enters a standby state after being inactive for a certain amount of time.

None, it does not turn on the standby option that uses more electricity at all.

Get back programs you accidentally deleted

If you accidentally delete a TV show or movie by pressing the wrong button, everything is not lost.

There is a way to restore it.

Press the sky button on the remote control record Page.

find it there manageThen deleted.

All previously deleted items are now displayed and you have the following options: Undelete You can use it to restore anything.

you can also use Permanently Delete To permanently remove everything – although you can’t go back from it.

See how your storage is being used

The Sky Q box can get clogged up very easily, especially if you have multiple series to record.

It can be difficult to know who the culprit is when space is almost at its limit.

But Sky Q has a part that tells you exactly what’s filling up every space, so you know where to cut.

Press the Sky button on the remote control and go to the next. manage.

Choose disk spaceOn this screen you can see what is taking up space.

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